Are You Ready for the Intake Surge?

What’s the main goal of your website? The answer is not complicated. It is to convert website visitors into contacts. 

It’s great that you’ve worked hard to create compelling Web content and online videos for your site, but have you thought about what to do once someone actually takes you up on your offers? Taking the steps to convert your Web visitors into clients is important, but you have to be prepared to handle the surge of interest as well.

In order to do so, you must have the right tools in place:

  • Built in follow-up campaigns. Do you have a book, report, DVD, or other offer for visitors to your website? We let you easily set up and manage a follow-up email campaigns for every offer on your site! Don’t let valuable contacts slip away!
  • Immediate lead notification. Leads are precious and, in many cases, time is of the essence. DSS is designed to send you or someone in your office an email or text message every time you get a lead from your website. Now you can blow your potential clients away with how responsive you are by contacting them as soon as they complete a form on your site!
  • Be available to your clients 24/7. Having live chat on your website is crucial. It provides a way for your prospects to take the first step in the conversion process. Live chat allows you to interact with your web visitors and get the conversation started right away. Whether you have someone from your office on the other end of the chat or hire a company to handle it for you, it is important to get the visitor’s contact information before he or she moves onto another website. Additionally, based on FWM clients’ experiences, live chat is one of the best converters of web visitors into leads.
  • Track your calls. Tracking telephone numbers aren’t new by any means, but it is surprising how many businesses are not using this helpful technology. Tracking numbers help you determine which ads, landing pages, and other marketing efforts are generating leads. You can also use a tracking number on your website to help you pinpoint which calls are coming from your site. Some services will also record the call so you can see how your staff is answering your phone. You would be surprised how many great leads or potential clients are turned away by the frustration of calling your office. Check to make sure you are not hurting yourself!

Are you ready to focus on your target audience and spend your marketing budget on advertising campaigns and online marketing strategies that are proven to work? Our team of experts can help you set up call tracking, explore live chat options, and manage your notifications. Contact the team at Foster Web Marketing today to get started.

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