Attorney Web Marketing: Are You Making The Best Use of Your Social Media Sites?

Are you increasing your online exposure, increasing your brand awareness, and helping your site's search engine optimization by using social media sites?

If the answer is "huh?" or "not really" then we have some homework for you. Check out these easy to read pages that explain why you want to embrace social media now:

Three Big Social Media Dos and Don'ts for Attorneys

Getting social media sites like Facebook or Twitter set up is just the start. You need to actually USE the sties once they are set up.

What are some dos and don'ts of the social media world?

  1. DO interact with your followers! We see social media sites that were set up, look great, and then... nothing. No updates, no blog notifications, nothing! What was the point of spending time and money on setting up the site if you aren't going to use it? Post relevant, interesting and sometimes personal (just not TOO personal) information on your social media sites—give people a good reason to follow you!
  2. DO create local, relevant content. If you are trying to attract local business and build yourself up in your community, include information that is relevant to folks who live nearby. Talk about local issues, and talk about national or global issues in a local context. Doing some charity work? Talk about that, and why it is important to you. People like to work with "good" people who have similar values.
  3. DON'T flood your social media sites with every little tidbit that crosses your mind or every minor piece of content you post to your main website. Your followers are busy people and they'll soon lose interest if you overwhelm them with nonsense. Stick to informing them of important articles you've written, info relevant to your practice, or the occasional comment or anecdote to make you more human and relatable.

The bottom line is really to think about your followers before you post anything. Is this something they'll find useful or interesting? If not, don't post it.

Just want to have your social media efforts taken care of by somebody else? Let us manage your social media reputation and help you build an online empire!

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