Success Sites: What are they? What's the process?

A Success Site is a limited-edition, hand-coded website that will be personalized with your logo, tagline and media badges.  You can also pick new colors or use the colors on your existing site.  If you want additional changes, each Success Site package includes 3 hours of custom coding, and more time is available upon request for special features.

What do the Success Sites look like?

These are the existing Success Sites you can choose from.   We continue to design new Success Sites and as these sites are rolled out, they will be retired to keep the designs fresh and cutting edge.

All Success Sites are video-enabled.  If you don't have video yet, what are you waiting for?  Seriously, all the sites look great without video too.

Why should you use a Success site as the foundation of your site?

The best reason is that the turnaround time is quick.  We typically call roll out your new design in 2 weeks, depending on the number of changes you request.  Additionally, you will receive continuous upgrades to improve site speed, SEO and local search performance.  The sites also include: 

  1. HTML5 compliant code
  2. Coded to be accessible site visitors with visual impairments
  3. Schema tags included throughout the site to help with local search
  4. Content organized into “buckets” to provide a better user experience
  5. Video support for mobile devices like smart phones, iPads, and tablets

How are the Success Sites personalized?  What are the steps? 

Let's walk through the steps to personalizing your Success Site.  First, you select the success site you want to use.  For example, Susan Miley selected SSBold as her starting point:


Success Site Bold The SSBold includes:

  • Google search box and social icons in the upper header
  • Buttons on the home page to direct vistors.  A video player in the header.  The size of the video player can be adjusted from a petite 512X288 to YouTube-like 640X360.
  • Scrolling media badges below the main header
  • On the right side bar, a book module, mini contact form
  • Near the bottom, content buckets appear with a video "film strip" 

We used her existing site's colors, logo and media badges to personalize it.  Here's the site before:


Miley Legal Before Upgrade


This is the site after merging the Success Site with the Miley brand:


Miley Legal After Upgrade


Another client, David Todd, decided to use SSModern has his starting point:

Success site Modern

SSModern has:

  • "call-to-action" buttons on the header that are replaced by a mini contact form on interior pages. 
  • Out of the box, this version has a YouTube sized video player.  If you prefer a smaller video player the header can be reduced.
  • Additional videos are displayed in a video "film strip" that can be placed below the header or below the content
  • The book module can be set to auto-rotate.  Research has found that moving items are very eye-catching.

David Todd's decided to keep his existing colors and logo.  However, he felt the larger video player was a good move.  Here is David's site before the upgrade:

 David Todd before


David Todd's site after the upgrade - merging the best of his exisiting site with the new functionality of the Success site:

David Todd After

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