So we’ve convinced you that social media marketing can help your law firm prosper, help establish you as a local attorney celebrity, and get lots of traffic to your attorney website. But who should manage all of your social networking accounts? If you or another attorney at your law firm is interested in taking on the task, you should read about the pros and cons of managing your social media marketing alone: 


  • Save your firm money. When you handle social media yourself, you won’t need to hire a manager, outsource the work, or give an existing employee another responsibility. 
  • Personalize your marketing. Potential clients will love hearing from a real attorney from your office and appreciate your personal attention. At the same time, you can make personal updates from time to time that will let users get to know you. 
  • Know what’s going on firsthand. Interacting personally with potential clients and networking with others in your field will give you a great idea what is important to others and what is going on in your community. 
  • Control your message. When you are in control of your social media, you know exactly what messages your law firm is sending and exactly how you are conducting yourself. Outsourcing means giving that control to someone else. 


  • It takes time away from other tasks. Social media marketing is important, but not as important as your clients or your cases. Looking after multiple accounts and keeping up with all of your interactions can take many hours per week. 
  • You aren’t a social media marketing expert. First and foremost, you are an attorney. There are online marketing experts that might know significantly more than you do about how to turn a social networking page into more business and better business. 
  • You might not have time to create a “big picture” plan. Although you can Tweet every day and make sure your Facebook messages are answered, you might not have time to create a full-blown social media marketing plan that is complete with goals, promotions, and strategies. 
  • You might not be able to provide consistent participation. On days that you are in court, for example, you may not be able to check your accounts or Tweet. Having someone else helping your efforts means that your social networking interactions will never stop without warning for a few days. 

Is Your Law Firm Or Medical Practice Getting Leads From Your Social Media Marketing Efforts?

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