Working on your website, content, and search rankings can be an arduous task, so the idea that you can simply sign up with a different marketing company that “guarantees” top search positions may seem like a dream come true. What could be simpler than sitting back, paying for a “guarantee” of page-one rankings, and waiting for those clients and contacts to start rolling in?

Unfortunately, if you’ve received an email or talked to marketing reps who are insisting that they can “guarantee” Google rankings, you’re being sold a lie.

Millions of sites promise top rankings. Don’t believe them.

Spammy, Scammy Marketing Emails Play to Your Hopes and Fears

You may think that you can recognize a scam email a mile away, but not every unscrupulous marketing company sends out misspelled, poorly worded, or obviously spammy messages. In fact, some of these companies may seem very professional—if you don’t know the truth about how Google works. By sending out these emails with seemingly scary data about what’s wrong with your website or supposed guarantees of top rankings without the elbow grease, unscrupulous companies are just playing to the hopes and fears of anyone who has dived into the world of SEO and found out how much work it really takes.

However, don’t believe these scare tactics or claims of “magic wand” solutions. Instead, you need to get educated about the reality SEO practices and understand that:

  • NO ONE can say they have a special tool or relationship with Google.
  • Google DOES NOT work with agencies in guaranteeing results in search or AdWords. Google won’t even guarantee specific advertising results in their own recommendations of changes.
  • There is NO WAY any company can promise top position in any search engine, and any “guarantees” are either misleading or aren’t focused on the right things.
  • Google would NEVER let an advertiser pay less than what they would get paid for an AdWords click.

The moral of the story is that there isn’t anyone out there who can guarantee top positions with unlimited clicks—unless they are doing something shady.

The Dangers of Taking Unsolicited Marketing Emails at Face Value

The truth is that reputable online marketing campaigns and top search rankings take work. By buying into misleading claims that you can buy your way to the top, or by giving in to scare tactics that make you question the good work you’ve already put in, you could set yourself back instead of moving forward. Don’t risk your reputation or waste your money on these kinds of claims. If you’ve received an email or cold call claiming “guarantees” or some kind of special relationship with Google, or if you just want to make sure that others don’t get spammed, you can report the scam to Google—just select the last complaint option on that page.

There is no “magic wand” that will send you to the top of the search results, but there are a lot of things you can do to put yourself in front of the right audience and accomplish your marketing goals. Want to talk about how to do it right? Give us a call today at 888-886-0939.

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Amelia- The Social Media Coach 04/19/2016 06:42 AM
This is great! I tell my clients you simply must respect the Social Media Algorithm which is rewards people who are ....being Social.
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Zach Stone 04/19/2016 08:43 AM
That's great Amelia! You're totally right, and people too often forget social media is actually about being social. Rather than platforms to just blare your message aggressively to people rather than communicating with them.
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