How You, and Your Business, Can Make the Most of the Yelp/Yahoo Partnership

Without much fanfare, Yahoo recently announced that the company would be partnering with Yelp to make their search results more robust. This move isn’t exactly surprising, as Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has long been enamored with the review site. During her time at Google she led an attempt to buy Yelp, and she appears to have never lost interest in the company.

Since Mayer left Google, the company has had a rocky relationship with Yelp. Yelp has cried foul, asserting that Google favors its own properties over independent entities like Yelp. All of this plays well into Yahoo’s hand. A company that has steadily slipped in the search engine game, Yahoo hopes to turn around this downward trend with Yelp as a partner.

What This Has to Do With You

Yahoo and Yelp SearchIt’s too early to say whether the Yelp-Yahoo partnership will affect its slumping search query numbers. But savvy business owners would be wise to keep an eye on Yahoo’s search feature. The company has been looking to improve its reputation as an effective search engine and this move takes them one step closer to doing so. Will Yahoo ever beat out Google as the King of Search? Not likely, but if Yahoo is able to close the gap between itself and second runner-up, Bing, it would be wise for all of us in the Internet marketing world to pay them a little more attention.

What You Need to Do Now

I wouldn’t recommend running out and buying up loads of PPC ads on Yahoo, but I would recommend ensuring that your Yelp account is up-to-date and mistake-free. A single mistake on Yelp (or any other local listing site for that matter) can spread rapidly across websites, making it difficult for potential clients, patients, or customers to find you both online and in real life. For example, an address mistake—either an outdated address or a “7” when there should be a “9”—will prevent people from visiting your business. So check your local listings, both on Yelp and Internet-wide, and fix any errors. This way, no matter if Yahoo makes it big or continues to chug along, your local presence will remain strong.

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