When it comes to gauging the success of your website, analytics are an imperative tool. They can reveal trends in the types of visitors you have and how long they stay on your website, which in turn can help you figure out how well you are converting users into clients.

One important aspect of analytics is the bounce rate. Google defines the bounce rate as “the percentage of single-page visits compared to visitors who view more than one page of a website.”

For some websites, bounce rate is not really that important of a statistic to keep track of. For example, if you are a selling a specific product, like a ticket to a fundraiser, then the only page that a person would need to visit is the purchase page. Likewise, if your site is only typically visited so users can find your address and phone number, such as in the case of a public library, you wouldn’t expect or need your visitors to do much browsing.

But when it comes to transforming web surfers in need of an attorney into contract-signing clients, the bounce rate is key. Lawyers should care about bounce rate and track it so that they can constantly work to improve the number of pages that a user visits each time he or she finds their site.

In an optimum situation, a potential client would type their search term into Google (or Bing or Yahoo) and find a relevant article on your website that discusses the issue they are seeking information on. As they read that article, they would determine that you really do know what you are talking about and would be interested enough to view similar articles on your site. Since you are a savvy enough attorney to have a call to action integrated into every piece of content on your site, the visitor is then directed to order your free book/call you for a free consultation/fill out your online form/live chat with a representative. The person then makes contact with your firm, speaks with a knowledgeable and helpful intake person, and sets a time to meet with the attorney who transforms him into a client. Voila!

How can you tell if your web visitors are on their way to becoming clients, as described above? Bounce rate.

Need ways to improve your website’s bounce rate? Call the lawyer SEO bounce rate experts Foster Web Marketing toll-free at 888-886-0939 or fill out our online form and we can schedule time a to sit down with you and develop a plan that will not only improve your bounce rate, but also give a hefty boost to your web rankings and site relevancy. Call or click today. 

Zach Stone
Director of Marketing Operations
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