Without Mobile, Fence Sitters Will Jump Into Your Competitors Yard

Many people know that they need an attorney, but they aren't quite ready to pick up the phone and call. These fence sitters perform multiple searches, waiting to find just the right attorney. And, while you may see them as wishy-washy, this is the type of client you want: a client who has done his or her homework and will only settle for the best.

People who are this careful and this sophisticated will care if you have a mobile site or not. This is because a mobile website shows prospective clients that your firm is current and relevant. After all, if your firm has embraced mobile technology, you must also work to stay current with trends in the law. If you think this is a stretch, it's not.

Your website, mobile or traditional, is a direct reflection of you and your firm. People will begin to form an opinion of you and your abilities as an attorney from the moment they enter your site. So you have to make it easy to use and professional from page one.

Is Your Grass Greener Than What Your Competitors Have to Offer?

Soon, the majority of internet searches will be performed on mobile devices. More attorneys are accepting this as fact and have begun creating mobile sites for their law firms. If you refuse to embrace the use of a mobile website, you will fall behind on mobile searches. Your conversion rates will drop, and your competitors will be more than happy to pick up the clients you are throwing way.

Mobile websites for lawyers are what we do. It’s our passion, and nobody builds a killer, effective mobile site like our team. Call 888.886.0939 today to learn more about how a mobile site can win over more of your ideal clients.

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