Wrongful Death Attorney Brian Brandt Harnesses the Power of Breaking News

I'd like to tell you a story about a Breaking News, a California personal injury attorney and how together, they worked to bring exposure to a serious issue and drive website traffic steadily upward.

Taking Aim With Breaking News

As part of our Breaking News package, we create custom content, videos, press release distributions and social media post recommendations based on either breaking news or a big case that one of our clients is handling. In this case, our Breaking News targeted a case that California personal injury attorney Brian Brandt was handling. He was representing a client who had lost her parents and a sibling when their car collided with an illegally parked semi-truck in 2009. While the young client and another sibling survived the crash, her surviving brother took his life earlier this year.     

On many levels, the wrongful death lawsuit was a very big case for Brian. Through his work with the young accident victim, he had the opportunity to give something back to someone who had lost so much. It was also an opportunity to reach out to others who had experienced loss at the hands of a negligent trucking company; to tell the story of this family and inspire them to take action. But it's an opportunity that was nearly missed.

Our work on publicizing this large, influential case didn't begin until a week after the verdict was announced. As you will see in this graph, the spike in his website traffic occurred on the days after the verdict. If we had launched our Breaking News campaign even a few days before the end of the trial, we are confident that we could have helped Brian even more than we did. We could have spread the word about his stellar legal care and increased conversion and page referral rates dramatically.


So while the Breaking News campaign we launched after the trial has helped keep his site traffic up, and has brought much needed attention to this serious issue, we wish we could have done more.


Content was Distributed Starting on 11/11 and Ending on 11/17

As you can clearly see, page reads moved steadily upwards during the week of the media campaign. This is exactly what we want to see: more traffic being sent to the website and more exposure for the attorney.

Your take away? If you are have a big case or a big client—one that you think deserves media attention—call us. Let us know not days before the trial ends but months before you step foot in the court room and we can work with you to create a landing page for traffic related to the case, craft articles for your website, shoot videos, and distribute a press release.

Helping You Turn Tragedy Into Hope

This is not a happy story. It is one filled with tragedy and loss, of heartbreak and sorrow. Therefore, it was crucial that our writing and video teams handled the project with care. We were able to do so, due in great part to the fact that we often work with topics that involve sensitive circumstances. We can handle even the most touchy, difficult situations with grace and compassion.

This is because we understand that for every person in a terrible situation, there are surely others suffering silently. It is our job to assist attorneys and physicians in highlighting the help they have given to those in need in order to help countless others who have not yet called for help. By highlighting difficult cases such as Brian's, we are able to give those suffering alone the motivation they need to reach out for the help they need. In turn, we give you the chance to be the helping hand—the person who can make a real difference in the injury or accident victims’ lives.

If you have a case that you would like to draw attention to, no matter how sensitive, we can help you handle it, thereby extending your helping hand to others. Please call 888-886-0939 today to speak with a member of our Breaking News team. 

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