Image of three devices all displaying the website Gearshift.tvJim Folliard is the Founder and Director of Gearshift Studios, as well as the Lead Cinematographer, Photographer, and Editor. Jim is passionate about every aspect of the videography and photography process, and his website shows it. 

Gearshift’s site is unique to most of Foster Web Marketing’s designs. For obvious reasons, we placed a heavy focus on video and photography. This can be a gamble with a website—high-quality photos and videos require very large file sizes, which can have a big impact on site speed and load times. Sites should load lightning fast, otherwise, you risk providing a poor user experience or slowing down search engine crawlers, which can tank your search engine rankings. 

With Gearshift’s site, we took a very thoughtful approach, considering the best way to showcase the team's work without bogging down page load times. 

Video and image files were compressed and optimized using tools that allowed us to maintain quality, so there is no question the team is providing exceptional services. We optimized the site’s code to ensure there were no superfluous characters or unused code slowing down load times, and improved server response time. 

In addition to the video and photo file enhancements, we optimized the site to follow SEO best practices, so the site provides an excellent user experience in every aspect.