Jones Wilson Injury Lawyers is based in Henderson, Nevada, a suburb of Las Vegas. The firm has maintained their website with us for years, along with ongoing marketing services

When Digital Marketing Strategist John Spare took over their account a few years ago, he asked some routine questions about the firm’s goals and what they really want to accomplish with their marketing. That answer—we want to become THE car accident attorneys of Henderson, Nevada—gave them a fresh burst of clarity, focus, and motivation. 

After revving up the rest of their marketing machine, the firm launched its redesigned website earlier this spring. It’s exciting for them (and for us!), but there’s a lesson for everyone in there, too. 

When you get focused and get local, you’ll be amazed at what you can do.  

Local Power With the Google Local Pack

When a law firm tells us its “perfect clients” are mostly people from their local area, we look at their placement in Google’s “Local Pack.” Why? Because Google’s users see Local Pack results before they see any other results. It’s right where you need to be to attract more local attention:

Jones Wilson Local Pack - Car Accident Lawyer

Nobody knows Google’s “secret sauce” for placement in the Local Pack, but we do know that the local optimization on your website has a big impact, as well as your Google reviews and ratings. Other than that, what you need to do to rank in the Local Pack is essentially what you already need to do to rank well in organic. All those basics matter!
We’ll get into how Jones Wilson accomplished it below, but here’s the point. By the time their redesigned website launched, they were already dominating the Local Pack for their three main practice areas. They even hold the coveted “Position Zero” for at least one practice area, which essentially means they’re the only ones ranking for that keyword by Local Pack factors. In “Position Zero,” searchers don’t see the usual list of local results. Instead, they see a big sidebar snippet that features the firm and its Google profile:

Jones Wilson LLP Google my business profile

Their solid placement in the Local Pack gives them a better chance to be found by local people looking for an injury attorney, and it’s powerful stuff with their local-focused strategy. Think of it as just more evidence that the old emphasis on the “Number One” position in organic results is old news!

Becoming Good Neighbors With Community Outreach and Events

If you want to capture a local audience, you have to be a good neighbor. To do that more effectively, the firm hired a local marketing representative. She transformed the firm’s PR by developing projects and processes geared toward community outreach—and by showing the firm how to use that outreach more successfully. The firm now sponsors several community events, including a popular trick-or-treat event. They also send out a regular newsletter, share helpful information with the public, and let people know what’s going on at the firm. Because they are active and involved in their hometown, they have established strong connections, strong word-of-mouth referrals, and a sincere message of “we’re your neighbors.” 

Their local marketing representative was also instrumental in improving the firm’s reviews and ratings—a big “Local Pack” factor, like we said above. The firm used to be bashful about asking people for reviews, but they found out that it doesn’t have to be painful. At the right point in a client’s “customer journey,” or even at a sponsored event, people are happy to share their feedback and review your firm." 

By focusing on generating positive reviews and using the Reputation Management feature in DSS (Dynamic Self-Syndication) to stay on top of it, the firm has earned a 5-star Google rating and tons of positive reviews from happy clients. 

New Website Design Refocuses on Perfect Clients at Home

The firm’s old website was dated and lacked modern quality-of-life features. The splash picture on the homepage even still featured the Las Vegas skyline—not a great choice when your focus is Henderson! 

With the new design, the FWM team focused on improving the user experience, pushing the firm’s local success further, and getting more granular with their practice areas. The new design ditches the Las Vegas skyline for a local photo. Customizable panels highlight their extensive video content and make their books more visible. We created reusable panels that feature their reviews and testimonials so they can add that extra “trust signal” to any page.  

Live chat and contact forms are also part of the design, so they automatically capture any contacts that come through their website. These elements free up valuable time! 

Before the redesign, the FWM services team put a lot of work into optimizing their headlines and on-site content to signal their local focus. We also created “mini practice areas” under the firm’s main practice areas to put out more specific “bait” for the firm’s target audience. Our designers then carried that local focus into the new code, headlines, and calls to action.  

Overall, the firm is thrilled with the fresh design, which is more visual, easier to navigate, more relevant, and more firmly rooted in the firm’s hometown.

Ongoing Content Keeps Putting Gas in the Tank

Along with the content they get every month from the FWM content team, we’ve encouraged the firm to produce its own content. After all, a robust and ongoing content strategy keeps a website fresh!

Our team suggests relevant topics, and the firm expands those suggestions into helpful blogs with a local flavor. Afterward, we edit, optimize, and post the content they produce to maximize its impact. 

Results Show a Strategy That Hits Close to Home

Investing in a local focus has paid off for Jones Wilson Injury Lawyers. They’ve seen an uptick in phone calls and contacts from their website. And, at intake, more new clients are saying they found them “on the internet” or because they saw their Google reviews.

Overall, their traffic and leads have increased, including a huge increase in their direct traffic:

Google Analytics direct traffic for Jones Wilson

Their new live chat functionality and website also drive and capture more leads for the firm. Of course, they’ve also seen a huge increase in their local exposure, including stellar rankings in the Local Pack. 

By putting all the right pieces in place, Jones Wilson Injury Lawyers has become engrained in the local community—and they’ve truly realized their goal of becoming THE car accident attorneys of Henderson, Nevada.  

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