Zauzig Trial Group website on all devices | Quality Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists Chuck Zauzig of Zauzig Trial Group was one of Foster Web Marketing’s very first clients, launching his website in 2003. In fact, the Zauzig website predates Foster’s site! Chuck is the President of Nichols Zauzig Sandler P.C., and the Zauzig Trial Group’s law firm and website are dedicated to medical malpractice and personal injury. Chuck established ZTG in 1989 and has subsequently received extensive recognition and reward. The legal practice works almost wholly on a referral basis—both personal referrals and referrals from other attorneys.

Chuck is not our “typical” client. He is in a unique position because he is so well known for his work that he does not need to advertise. Nevertheless, Chuck knows the value of web presence and therefore has chosen to be our client for over 11 years now. Without his website, Chuck would not have anywhere to direct his potential clients for more information; he knows it is critical for potential clients who have been referred to be able to Google him and learn about his capabilities.

Site Features

Completely Custom

What we did: The Zauzig Trial Group website is completely customized. We offer a spectrum of designs in a similar format that allow clients to personalize and customize their websites, but here, the firm wanted something completely its own. We worked with an outside designer whose style was the right fit for ZTG, based on its goals, strengths, and design aesthetic.

Why it works: We have an in-house designer who can customize your website as much as you’d like, but some people come to us with a very definitive idea of what they like. Some clients already know or have a close relationship with a designer, and we can accommodate that. Because we are willing to work with our clients on what they want, we were able to offer Chuck a website that is aesthetically pleasing and contains the foundational elements of a well-marketed law firm.

Focus on the team

What we did: We created a website that focused heavily on the Zauzig Trial Group’s best personal assets. Rather than the content-heavy, informative websites that we typically encourage, ZTG has a site that connects with their audience on a human level. We essentially created an in-depth business calling card for Chuck and his team that creates a sense of community and connection.

Why it works: While we normally create content focused on the services a client offers, we knew that Chuck had already disseminated this information to his ideal audience, and we were able to switch gears. Getting your audience to trust your expertise is critical, but clients often forget that their audience wants to know them on a human level, too. By providing an “About Us” page with staff and partner biographies, the team at Zauzig Trial Group can describe their personal connection to clients. The “Life” page we’ve added shows off all of the things Zauzig’s team is doing in the community—and why these things matter.

Case Results

What we did: We’ve created a page dedicated to Zauzig’s case results. The featured results here include a brief explanation of the circumstances surrounding the case and the end results. Each of these stories was featured in media outlets, primarily in news articles. We’ve provided a link to download the PDF article for each case result.

Why it works: Many people considering an attorney have endless questions, but two things will always help you gain their trust: showing prospects what you are capable of, and being noted for your capabilities in the news. We use that idea here to tell complete stories. We’ve given Chuck’s audience a frame of reference so they can see how lengthy, difficult, and emotionally draining it can be to file a lawsuit and see it through. By showcasing the Zauzig Trial Group’s incredible results and media attention, we can make it very clear to their audience that hiring an attorney is a good idea.

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