How Can I Ensure I'm Not Affected by Google's Changes?

Google constantly updates their search algorithm to provide more relevant, higher quality results.  Because Google is constantly making changes to their system, there is a common misconception that we should be constantly adapting our strategies, as well.  Many marketers seem to think that Google is out just to shake things up, but that's simply not true.

What Google is trying to do with each update is minimize the effects of what's known as "content farms."  These websites try their best to achieve the highest ranking by including as many keywords as possible, no matter how irrelevant they may be.  They want the highest rankings so that they can throw all kinds of advertising at the people who click on their links. Essentially, these content farms offer poor quality content and try to make up for it with lists of irrelevant keywords.

For many years, content farms were highly successful, as it was difficult to filter quality with search algorithms.  But Google has been working hard and has become very good at what it does.  High quality, relevant content is what their new search algorithm looks for. Don't let Google's changes worry you. You should simply continue to write great content, as Google is looking for just that.

If you're concerned that Google's new system will affect traffic to your site, give us a call and let us assess your web marketing campaign.  Foster Web Marketing has been providing attorneys with their web marketing campaigns since 1998.  Give us a call for a consultation at 888-886-0939 and be sure to download and read our book "The 5 Biggest Mistakes 99% of Lawyers Make with Their Websites."

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