How do I know if my web design is working?

One of the best free tools out there to see if your web design is truly attracting visitors is Google Analytics. We highly recommend taking advantage of this tool. It will supply you with a ton of data, such as:

  • How your new contact found you
  • What search terms they used to find you
  • How long they stayed on your site (remember, the longer the better!)
  • Which pages they visited
  • Which pages on your site are doing their job and attracting visitors
  • Which pages on your site would not attract the plague itself

Google Analytics lets you know if the web design you have for your law firm is working for you or against you. As the data is analyzed by you and your staff, you will find out where improvement needs to take place – and there is always room for improvement! Remember, your website is never complete; it needs to be dynamic. If you're not using Google Analytics for your website and want to find out what it can do for you, give us a call for a consultation at 888-886-0939.

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