You’ve Got Questions About Web Marketing Services. We’ve Got Answers!

We strongly believe that there are no bad questions. However, there are bad answers. To combat the misinformation littering the web about Internet marketing, we’ve compiled a list of common marketing services questions and answers. You can rest assured that the answers you get—written by our in-house, U.S.-based team—are second to none.

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  • How should I update my marketing in 2018?

    What’s Your Online Marketing Strategy for the New Year?Online marketing has changed a lot over the years, and those changes can happen fast. Are you ready for a fresh perspective? With the start of the new year, here are the three things to do that we believe will have the biggest impact on your online success in 2018.

    Marketing to Your Perfect Client

    Over the past few years, Google has set the pace for marketers to get back to the basics with their online marketing. It’s no longer about attempting to “game the system.” Instead, Google urges marketers to create websites, content, and ads that speak directly to the people they want to attract. Everything you do should be helpful and relevant to your perfect clients. While keywords and behind-the-scenes SEO still play a part, all the content you create should be created with your audience firmly in mind. From meeting your clients in online “micro moments” to creating targeted ads on social media, it’s all about knowing your audience and delivering something that will wow them.

    Your current and potential clients should be impressed everywhere they run into you online. It’s up to you to create the content they want to see and to deliver that information quickly, conveniently, and smoothly. In practical terms, achieving this goal might mean updating your website to current standards, developing a stronger content strategy, changing up your paid ads, or simply spending some extra time meditating on exactly who your perfect clients are and how to reach them better. If you aim to deliver a perfect customer experience and user experience online, you’ll ultimately get more mileage out of your digital marketing dollars.

    Marketing to Local Audiences

    Google has put more emphasis on local SEO over the last few years, and we expect to see that trend continue. In fact, Google has been making a lot of adjustments to local search recently. With those changes, we've seen some clients suffer from not being in their target area in Google's eyes, so they aren't showing up as often in local packs. This is definitely something to keep an eye on over the next year. Local results will likely continue to grow in relevance and popularity, especially as mobile traffic continues to increase online.

    Need a refresher on local SEO basics? Find out more about how to improve your performance in local search.

    Marketing to Mobile Audiences

    Mobile was important last year, and it’s going to be even more important this year. If we’ve learned anything at all about digital marketing in the last few years, it’s that mobile is here to stay. In terms of specifics, we believe it will be important to continue to emphasize mobile-first development. The AMP Project, an open-source initiative that aims to provide faster and better online performance across all devices, will be a part of this. Our goal is to roll out AMP across the board in 2018.

    That’s not the only reason mobile search is important, though. Google also rewards mobile-friendly sites with better search rankings. It all ties back into providing a seamless and convenient user experience for your target audiences. Whether they choose to interact with business online via desktop computer or mobile smartphone, they are looking for a consistently excellent experience. If your mobile site doesn’t work right or is difficult to use, they will tap away to competitors who can give them what they want.

    Online mobile technology is moving fast. If we haven't updated your mobile site in the last year or two, it could probably use an overhaul. Reach out to us for a free website analysis with our experts, and let’s talk about what it will take to update your mobile functionality and improve your website for better leads and more conversions in the new year.

  • How can I improve my marketing and get better quality patients or clients?

    Stop marketing to clients or patients that you don't like dealing with. By identifying your less-than-ideal patient or client type—and focusing in on your ideal—you'll be able to get more of the cases and clients you want. To begin, we need you to get a little mean. 

    Who Were Your Least Favorite Clients or Patients?

    Thumbs-Down AttorneyIt may seem like bad karma to focus on the bad, but to get a better idea of how to market to your perfect patient or client, you have to know who you don't enjoy working with. Here are some specific examples that we've gotten from clients. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

    • Personal injury attorneys: Personal injury attorneys usually have at least one type of case or client that they're tired of taking on. Minor car accident injuries, people without proper insurance coverage, and those who overstate their injuries are all examples of less-than-ideal clients.
    • Plastic surgeons: Every doctor has procedures or patients they'd rather not deal with, and plastic surgeons are no exception. Examples of this include invasive face lifts, patients who pay with credit, and patients who are extremely high maintenance.  

    We often speak with clients who complain that they only get cases they dislike. And while we would like to blame this on their local market, the truth is that they have brought it on themselves.

    They have been marketing to a too-broad audience or, in many cases, to a demographic that they don't particularly care for. Why? Because they think it's the only way and that they must take on clients or patients that aren't fun or profitable.  

    Stop Selling Yourself Short

    It's time to stop settling for second best. It's time to take the future of your practice into your own hands by defining your perfect client or patient and marketing directly to this person.

    For help narrowing down exactly who this is and how to market to them, call 888-886-0939. We know how to help busy professionals build a practice with quality clients and patients that they love to work with. You can enjoy your job again, and we can help.

  • What are the benefits of ordering and using the educational CD set?

    The benefits are numerous, but the top three reasons to order your FWM CD and DVD learning kit are:

    1. The ability to learn at your leisure. You can learn when and where you want to. Listen to the CD's during your commute, or pop in the DVD while making dinner. Look over the workbook, and fill out the in-depth worksheets before bed. Soon enough, you have a handle on all things lawyer web marketing.
    2. Extensive information. We didn't skimp on the amount of information in the learning kit. We lay out all we know about running your website, writing effective content, starting a social media campaign, the best SEO practices, and much more. And, if you get done and still have questions, call us! We are happy to help.
    3. No sales pitch. We have no interest in hard sales, especially when you are trying to learn all you can about building and maintaining your own marketing campaign. The set is pure, unadulterated education for attorneys who want to run their own websites.

    Ordering Your FWM Learning Kit

    To get started, visit the FWM Learning Kit order page. We often run promotions on the kit, making ordering today a smart and economical decision.

    If you're not quite ready to order, please feel free to call us. We can help you decide the best way to get the information you need. Don't forget that we offer monthly webinars for clients and run the FWM Academy, an intensive program designed to meet the specific needs of attorneys. You can take control of the success of your website and your practice. We can show you how. 

  • How important is it to hire an outside SEO team to handle my online attorney marketing?

    Well, how important it is to hire an outside SEO team depends entirely on your own goals and the needs of your law firm. It is possible to do all of your online marketing on your own, but, if you want it to be effective, it will probably require a large time commitment. If you don’t want to hire an outside SEO team to market your law firm online, you may look into:

    • Handling your own online marketing. This is an attractive option, especially for small business owners who want to take an active hand in how they appear to potential clients. If you have the time to put in the research, create regular content, and adjust to new trends and changes, then we strongly encourage you to try it yourself!
    • Training someone in your office to handle your online marketing concerns. If you don’t have time to handle your own SEO, you may consider training an in-house employee to do it for you. Be aware, though, that great online marketing can easily become a full-time job depending on the size of your business.  

    No matter what you choose or how much control you’d like to have over your online marketing, Foster Web Marketing is always here with guidance and support if you need a hand. 

    Ready to get started? If you’d like to learn more about why search engine rankings matter and how to start connecting with more clients and contacts on your own, the FWM Academy may be right for you. You can join us in person for a rigorous online marketing workshop, or you can take advantage of the convenience of our CD or DVD learning kits. To learn more, just give us a call at 888-886-0939, or fill out the online contact form on this page!

  • What are the disadvantages of doing your own online attorney marketing?

    In our last frequently asked question (FAQ), we listed the advantages of doing your own attorney marketing. Next, we will cover the disadvantages of tackling all of your marketing strategies by yourself:

    • Marketing – especially doing marketing right – takes up a significant amount of time.
    • You may have difficulty keeping up to date on the latest attorney marketing news and trends.
    • Handling your own marketing plan may take time away from your primary job of helping clients with their legal issues.
    • Doing your own marketing may mean less time away from work and with your family.
    • While you can do your own marketing campaigns, you may not be able to do them as well as professionals who specialize in marketing for a living.
    • Outsourcing your marketing needs may mean that your marketing projects get done faster.
    • You will have to take time to learn the basics of marketing before you get started.
    • You may have to hire an in-house employee to help you with marketing tasks.
    • You may have difficulty measuring the success of your marketing efforts without help.

    After reading about the pros and cons of choosing do-it-yourself marketing, some attorneys decide that they need help, while others decide that they’d like to learn the ropes and take control. Most lawyers take the middle path and choose to take on some marketing projects while outsourcing others. Whatever you decide, we can help. Call Foster Web Marketing today to learn about our marketing services and our marketing training opportunities at 888-886-0939.

  • What are the benefits of doing your own online attorney marketing?

    You wouldn’t think that our business would want attorneys to do their own marketing, but that simply isn’t the case. At Foster Web Marketing, we understand that law firms and offices come in all shapes and sizes and lawyers have a very wide range of needs when it comes to advertising both online and offline. We believe that some attorneys are better off outsourcing their marketing, some are better off learning about marketing and doing it themselves, and some are better off with a combination.

    So what are the benefits of tackling online marketing yourself?

    • If you know how to do it right, you can save a significant amount of money.
    • You can have complete control over your marketing plan and campaigns.
    • You can keep things simple by keeping everything in house.
    • You can personally measure the results and success of your marketing campaigns.
    • You can immediately start and stop campaigns when you feel the need.
    • You can make your own deadlines and set your own goals.
    • You can have full knowledge of the marketing process.

    Of course, many of the benefits of doing your own marketing don’t matter if you aren’t doing a great job of marketing. Before you set out on your own, get educated and trained. Call our team today at 888-886-0939 to learn what you need to know about do-it-yourself attorney marketing.

  • Can I manage my law office’s social networking sites by myself or have someone internal do it?

    Far too many marketing companies want you to think that you can’t possibly handle attorney online marketing on your own or that you won’t reap the full benefits of social media marketing unless you have a full-time expert managing your social networking accounts and campaigns. At Foster Web Marketing, we understand that, while outsourcing these tasks is ideal for some law offices, other law offices may have good reasons for managing their social media accounts on their own. 

    For those who wish to take personal control of sites like Facebook and Twitter – or who wish to have someone in their office handle social media – we offer education and training programs that help you learn what you need to know and allow you to take full advantage of the newest trends, information, and strategies available. 

    What are the benefits of handling your social networking accounts on your own? 

    If you educate yourself properly first, you can save money, secure better control over your accounts and strategies, give potential clients a more personal experience, and make certain that your law office is tapped into the most current and local issues. 

    What are the downsides of handling your own social networking accounts? 

    Some attorneys do not like handling this aspect of their online marketing plan because it is time-consuming, the best practices are ever-changing, they want to focus on their current clients, and because they simply want to leave it in the hands of the experts.  

    Do you want to learn about social media marketing so that you can take the reins at your law firm? Or do you want guidance from the experts at Foster Web Marketing? Call us today at 888-886-0939. 

  • What is the Foster Web Marketing Academy?

    The Foster Web Marketing Academy is a two-day intensive training program that we hold around the country several times throughout the year. The academy is geared toward attorneys who wish to have an in-depth knowledge of how internet marketing can improve their practice, get better cases, and streamline their overall lawyer marketing strategies. 

    Limited to small numbers to increase personal attention and free of sales pitches and vendors, the FWM academy is simply about “teaching a man to fish” – giving you or a representative in your office the tools and knowledge to execute a successful online marketing plan for your law office. 

    Some of the topics include: 

    • Understanding local online marketing and local SEO
    • How to write high-quality and unique lawyer content 
    • How to break into attorney video marketing
    • How to find the keywords that will lead your attorney website to success
    • How to develop follow up sequences that work
    • How to harness the power of social media marketing 
    • Understanding mobile device marketing
    • How to build organic links that improve SEO 
    • How to establish yourself as a local legal authority 

    For those who can’t attend a FWM Academy in person, we offer a comprehensive 10-DVD set, complete with workbook, companion CD, and textbook that cover all of the most important lessons and points from the conferences. Click here to learn more and order your training system. 

  • What are some good ideas for my offline marketing?

    An effective online marketing strategy for law firm websites can and should be strengthened by an active offline marketing plan. Traditional marketing tools and interaction with your local community can support and even bolster your lead generation and acquisition of customers.

    Every local community is different and an offline marketing strategy should be targeted to acquire your ideal client in your area. There are several good ways to get started today. Here are a few:

    • Distribute a newsletter – This is an effective marketing tool that has been used by a number of Foster Web Marketing clients. For example, attorney Ben Glass frequently sends out a newsletter and even has a dedicated website for it.
    • Engage the local community – There are many ways to get involved locally, like sponsoring events, providing free presentations, or working with schools.
    • Write for your local free newspaper or periodical – Many communities have free publications that are meant to serve the public. Writing articles related to your practice areas in these publications can help raise awareness of your firm and what you offer.

    Navigating the many potential marketing channels that are available to your firm can be a daunting challenge—optimizing them can be just as challenging.

    Contact Foster Web Marketing to get the help you need in optimizing your attorney website by calling 888.886.0939.

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