Creating Your Article Library in DSS

Library articles provide readers with “evergreen” content—content that is relevant to your business, barely changes over time (so it is always relevant to your readers), or zeroes in on specific aspects of a practice area. Library articles should serve as foundational pieces that provide informed and well-developed facts, ideas, or opinions on subjects relevant to your practice areas. The tone of these pieces should be professional and educational, and they should provide your reader with detailed, well-researched information.

You can access your Article Library from the Content section of your DSS navigation.

Article library navigation

Creating Library Articles is pretty straightforward; you will see all of the standard content fields you’ve come to expect in DSS. It’s what you say that makes an article stand out!

Tip: When writing a library article, keep the following questions in mind:

Is this information useful to your reader?
Is the information clear? Did you properly outline your thoughts?
Is your tone friendly, approachable, and loaded with solid advice?

You may have noticed the option to “Upload a New File” within the Article Library section. This allows you to upload a few different file types to your site, like PDFs, MP3s, or DOCs. 

Upload file in article

You may want to use this option to share things like digital files of your print newsletters, or audio files of your podcasts. Here’s an example of a file we’ve uploaded to the site. 

The thumbnail image used when promoting your article on social media is usually derived from an image in the content itself. You can choose to upload a thumbnail image by uploading an image at the bottom of the page.

Social sharing

Tip: Here are some examples of library article topic ideas:

“How We Determine the Value of a Serious Car Accident Case”
“Types of Surgical Errors and How to Protect Yourself”
“Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis and What to Expect From Treatment”
“How the Car Accident Claims Process Works”