Great ideas for your awesome new attorney smartphone app

When we talk with our attorney clients about smartphone apps for lawyers, the most common question is "why on earth would I make a smartphone app?" We'll answer that question with a few ideas for attorney smartphone apps that will get your creative ideas flowing.

Helping clients at the scene of an accident

What if you created an app that people in your community could download on their phones and on their family member's phones in case they were involved in an accident? You could make an app for construction workers that focuses on on-the-job accidents, or you could target drivers with an auto accident app. You could even focus on your niche markets, making an app specifically for truck drivers, motorcycle riders, maritime workers, etc. The possibilities are endless.


Here are some things that a smartphone app for accident victims could do:


  1. Call 911
  2. Locate the nearest hospital
  3. Capture details about the accident with a form that the victim fills out
  4. Capture recorded details about the accident, so all the victim had to do is talk
  5. Call a cab or tow truck
  6. Call YOU for help!

Helping clients keep track of their case after an accident

What about your current clients, who are trying to keep track of all their bills and information related to their case? You could create an app to help them keep on top of their case that would make their lives so much easier. It might make your life easier as well, if they start to keep all of the information you need from them in one place. Again, you could customize the app for your workers' comp, auto accident, slip and fall, or medical malpractice clients and more.


Here are some ideas for a smartphone app that you can give your current clients.


  1. Track doctor appointments
  2. Track medical bills and total cost
  3. Track pharmacy and prescription info related to the crash
  4. Track rehabilitation, physical therapy, or other care and services related to the accident
  5. Track lost wages
  6. Record a message to send to you, their attorney


BONUS: Do you serve clients who speak different languages? Make apps targeting these groups. Imagine how useful an app in Chinese, Spanish, Russian or Korean could be for your clients!


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