Your email reputation can make or break your marketing efforts, so it’s critical to have a good one. An email reputation is essentially a score assigned to your email practices. A good score means your emails are getting in front of the right people, and those people are receptive to your message. If you frequently send high-quality emails to a clean list and follow internet service providers (ISP) standards, you should be golden! 

A bad score can result in all of your emails going to the SPAM folders of services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, and many others. A lot of us start with a clean list and a respectable email reputation and assume it will stay that way, but this is most definitely NOT the case. 

The truth is, there are many elements to email delivery and your email reputation.

Here are some of the big items that have an impact on your email reputation:

List quality:

this can have the most significant impact on email reputation; sending to people who have not opted-in or undeliverable email addresses result in a high bounce rate

Bounce rate:

the number of emails returned as undeliverable

Subject lines and content:

spammy, click-bait style subject lines and content can be flagged as spam

Number of complaints:

users reporting your emails as spam

Screen shot of the new DSS email dashboard. | Reputation Management Services For Law Firms And Medical Practices

We’re introducing the new DSS Email Dashboard to help you send better emails and improve your email score!

Check out these three key ways in which we can help you with a minimal level of effort required on your side (isn’t that the best?). 

Sender’s Score

We have developed a rolling 90 day CRM Sender’s score. This score will allow you to see your current email reputation based on industry-standard metrics and how you stack up against other DSS Clients. We will provide more information about what the score means and how it is calculated, but in short, it will be a rating of 1-100 with 100 being a perfect sender. It will also allow you to see the results of the changes we are making, as well as any adjustments you make to your list and the content and subject lines of emails and newsletters you send.

Email Validation

We will be using a system to pre-qualify the quality and deliverability of addresses currently in your list, as well as those of people who complete contact and other forms on your website. Your contact records will have a status field that may contain many values so you can see what is going on with your list. You’ll also be able to filter your list based on these statuses. After these changes take place, only addresses listed as Deliverable will allow you to send mail to them. You can always remove the statuses, and the system will re-test the address in case something has changed. This process will ensure that people marking your email as SPAM, undeliverable addresses, and SPAM identifying email addresses (Honeypots) will not receive even one email from you as that’s all it takes to impact your ranking with the major email providers negatively.

Emails Coming From Your Domain

Lastly, we will be changing the sender email address that is used in all communication from DSS and the CRM for emails going to your list or people who complete forms on your website. After this change, recipients will receive emails from an address, meaning “” is the domain of your website sending the email. 

All of these changes are being made to protect and enhance your email reputation. If you’re worried that you’ll be sending to a smaller list, don’t be. Your emails will still reach the people they’ve been reaching, and this even gives you a chance to reach MORE people with a better score. 

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