How to Use the DSS Customer Voice Tool

Last Updated: October 2018

The Customer Voice section of the Reputation Management tool is a great way to generate more reviews via text message or over email. Customer Voice gives you the ability to listen to customer feedback and find ways to improve. Plus, it provides an avenue to address negative feedback before it goes live!

Click the “Generate Review” button to access Customer Voice. Here is what the Customer Voice dashboard looks like. 

A. The “Request Reviews” section allows you to request a single review or bulk reviews.

B. The “Emails Sent” section shows you how many emails have been sent in the designated time frame.

C. The “Email Open Rate” section provides the open rate for the review request emails. If you have a low open rate, you may need to update the subject line of the email or tell clients to expect an email prior to sending it.

D. The “Unique Clicks” section provides information about client recommendations. By default, your review generation is set to ask whether past clients would recommend the business to family or friends. If they click “yes,” they are prompted to leave a review, and that positive click is reported here. If they click “no,” that would be a negative response, and they are prompted to leave feedback on the “My Listing” page, so you can review it after they submit.

E. The “SMS Sent” Section tells you how many SMS requests have been sent in the designated time frame. 

Navigating the Customer Voice section of DSS.

Sending Review Requests

Click “Request Reviews” to send a single text or email request, or you can bulk upload customers and request via email.

Choosing how to send review requests in DSS.

It’s important to mention how to request reviews (in section A above.). If you choose to request reviews, you do so following these steps:

Step 1: Click “Add Customer & Send Email.” The following dialog box displays: You have a few fields you can fill out, like name, email, cell phone, and employee requesting email, but the only required field is email. 

Manually entering a customer to email.

Step 2. Click “Next” to see a preview of the email. Use this opportunity to customize your email if you choose.

Previewing the review email in DSS.

Step 3. At the bottom of the screen, click “Send” if you want to send the client your review request immediately. Or, click “Save & Send Later” if you want to schedule it for a specific time, or just save the message and come back to it later.

Saving the review email in DSS.

Customers Sub-Tab

After sending a review request, you’ll land on the Customers tab, where you’ll see a complete list of all the customers you’ve added. This is where you can filter your contacts, search for a specific customer, or bulk select and create actions. Let’s look at the available options here.

A. This is where you can search or filter your contacts based on email status, SMS status, or last requested date.
B. Select one or more customers to enable the actions button, where you can choose to send an SMS message or email or delete the contact record.
C. You can also see which customers have left you a review, and click on those links to see the review.

Using the Customer tab in the customer voice section of DSS.

Widget Sub-Tab

You can add the review widget to your website in order to collect reviews from people who are on your site. If they leave a 4-star review or higher, the user will be asked to share their review on your preferred review sites!

To add the widget to your site, go to the Widget tab, and use the widget setup section to match your website’s branding. Once you’re happy with the customization, click the “Copy Widget Code” button and submit a support ticket to have this added to your site.

Customize the review widget in DSS.

Settings Sub-Tab

The Settings tab lets you customize your review requests. Select up to 3 sites you’d like to ask your customers to leave reviews on. If your listing wasn't automatically found, you can enter the correct URL here. Prioritize the order of sites listed, so customers are encouraged to leave their review on sites you choose first.

Setting up your preferred review sites in DSS.

When selected, the Google Review Prioritization option will automatically send customers to leave a Google review if they have a Gmail account, regardless of the prioritization set under “Preferred Review Sites.” This even applies to organizational G Suite accounts with a different domain name, like [email protected]  

Prioritize Google review requests using the DSS reputation management tool.

The Email Settings tab lets you customize how you ask for reviews via email. First, select your workflow. 1st Party Workflow collects reviews on your “My Listing” page in DSS. These are reviews collected by your business on your website. You can use and distribute these as you like.  

Setting up the first party email settings in the DSS reputation management tool.

The 3rd Party Workflow option requests reviews on external websites like Facebook and Google, so distribution of these reviews must comply with those website’s terms of service. 

Setting up the third party workflow emails in the DSS reputation management tool.

Select “Use This Workflow” for your preferred review request method.

This is also where you can customize your email content. You can update sender email, subject line, header images, font, email body content, buttons, and footer.

Editing the review request email message in DSS.

If you’re using the 1st party workflow, customers who leave you a 4-star review or higher will be asked to share their review on a 3rd party review site. If they don’t, you can send them a follow-up reminder email. You can edit that at the bottom of the email editing section in the same manner you edit your initial email.

SMS Settings

You can edit SMS message settings here. Select workflow, and then edit the content of your message.

SMS Settings tab in DSS

Customizing the SMS message settings in DSS

Please note, customer name can only be 24 characters, or it will be dropped from the message. Once you’re satisfied with the message, select “Preview” to see how it will appear to customers: 

SMS Preview in DSS

Confirmation Message

When customers leave a review, they’ll receive a confirmation message. You can edit the response you want customers to receive based on the response they’ve given; either positive or negative. 

DSS Review Confirmation message

The last tab under settings is Review Page URLs. This is where you can find the URL for your “My Listing” page to share with customers.  

My Listing Review Page

Want access to the DSS Reputation Management tool or to enable texting? Contact us about pricing, and start taking control of your online reputation!