Including and Excluding Contacts by Tags in DSS' CRM…and More!

How to Send Email Blasts and Newsletters to Specific Groups

When adding a new email blast or newsletter in DSS, you will see a section for "Recipients" at the very top of the screen. In this section, you have the ability to include contacts based on whether they have a tag, or exclude them if they have a different tag. This interface looks like this:

DSS contact tagging interface for email  | Email Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatristsDSS include tag screenshot

To add a tag to the "Include These Tags" list, simply click the   | Email Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists icon.

To add a tag to the "Exclude These Tags" list, choose the   | Email Marketing Services For Lawyers And podiatrists icon.

For example, if you wanted to send out an email blast to all of your current clients about a new service or product you have, but you know that the service or product would not be of value to the clients you have tagged with "Service Area 1," you have the ability to include everyone with the "Current Client" tag and then additionally exclude "Service Area 1":

DSS contact tagging screenshot

How to Search and Select Contacts by Tags, Campaigns, Sources, or Dates

Even more powerful is the ability to search for very specific subsets of your contacts. These lists can then be exported, deleted, used to assign or unassign tags, or merge contacts. To access these features, click the button for "Advanced" on the Contact Search and Edit page.

Contact search field in DSS

The act of including and excluding tags works just as it does for newsletters and email blasts (outlined above), but on the contact search page, you get even more options. Maybe you want to see a list of all your past clients who have not been sent the feedback email? Use the Foster Web Marketing icon on your "Past Client" tag to include it, and use the Foster Web Marketing icon on your "Feedback" tag to exclude it. Now you are seeing a list of all contacts who have been tagged as a "Past Client" and do not have the "Feedback" tag on their record.

DSS available tags example screenshot

All search criteria can be mixed-and-matched. You can perform a search for contacts tagged with "Current Client" but exclude them if they are on a specific campaign. You can even narrow it down further using a date range or by the contact source clients used.

DSS tagging exclude campaign example

If you have questions about how this DSS feature works please call client support at 888-886-0939, or fill out a contact form and we can walk you through this feature or any other tool in DSS.

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