Check out these in-depth articles that will expand on all of the topics we’re writing about in the Foster Web Marketing Newsletter! We know you’re hungry for more marketing knowledge, and this is the place to find it.

The Captain's Log: August 2015

Good Things Happen To Patient and Tenacious People

Check out Tom's inspiring story on how to stay motivated even in the toughest of times.

The “Must-Do" Items For A Successful Marketing Strategy 

DSS has got everything you need for a successful marketing strategy right at your fingertips.

Success Often Requires Support

Tom Foster and Ben Glass go way back, see this dream team in action at GLM.

The Captain's Log: July 2015

Embrace the Suck

Check out how to make the best out of the worst situation!

New Awesome Enhancement to DSS!

You can now get your clients' feedback by having them review your performance! 

Bill Turley: From Rock Bottom to Rock Star!

Bill shares his incredible story of how the FWM team helped him when he was on the verge of bankruptcy. 

The Captain's Log: June 2015

Check out our completely revamped newsletter, The Captain's Log!

How To Make a Website Live Long and Prosper

Check out to get a FREE website design and see how your site can be as awesome as Hupy and Abraham's!

March 2015 Newsletter

How a Satellite Office Can TANK Your Local Search Engine Rankings, and How to Avoid This Catastrophe!

See a series of videos and read our blog post that explains exactly what you should and shouldn't do when setting up a satellite office!

Client Spotlight: Kenny Berger

Check out Kenny's website and find out exactly how he gets such killer results!

February 2015 Newsletter

What Our Clients Are Saying About FWM

Brian Beckcom of talks about his success with Foster Web Marketing!

Lead Intake: Do You Know Whom You Are Attracting To Your Website?

Check out these awesome ways to track your lead intake!

Don't Steal Images Online!

Here are some FREE and LEGAL places to find stock images: FreeRangeStock, IMFree, and Public Domain Pictures.

January 2015 Newsletter

Mobile Traffic is Eclipsing Desktop: Is Your Mobile Website Good Enough?

This article will give you specific actionable tips for your mobile website, as well as detailed insights into what makes a mobile website awesome.

FAQ: How Can I Use LinkedIn to Get Referrals?

It's not JUST a social media platform—LinkedIn can also help you to get referrals from other attorneys!

Why Doesn't My Marketing Work?!

Pre-Order The 9 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Physicians Make That Cost Them Patients and Revenue by filling out the form here.

December 2014 Newsletter

Tis the Season to Maximize Your Holiday Marketing

Check out this article to make the most of your charity event and follow the timeline we've mapped out for you!

Customer Service Corner: Best Practices for Utilizing Your CRM System

Now that you're using your CRM, make sure you're using it well! The June 2014 webinar will teach you how to create email follow-up campaigns that WORK.

The Five Syntax Errors That Will Get Your Content On the Naughty List

Don't get stuck on the naughty list! Check out this Syntax Sins article to spare yourself the embarrasment.

FAQ: What is the best way to ask for online reviews?

If you don't already have one in place, it's time to work on your review strategy! In this post Zach Stone tells you exactly why online reviews are so critical, and the do's and don'ts of asking for reviews.

November 2014 Newsletter

Is Your Website or Marketing Company Holding You Hostage?

Watch out for these 11 shady tactics used by unethical providers, and protect your marketing investment!

Client Spotlight: Mauer Law

Quality content and well established local presence are essential to your success! Check out the best online content advice you'll get this year, tips for creating a content theme, the top 7 SEO mistakes that you could be making, and why reviews are so important for your local SEO.

Socktober 2014

Learn about the tradition of Socktober here, and find out how you can get behind a national campaign! Don't forget—you'll need a plan to promote your event or campaign!


October 2014 Newsletter

The Top Marketing Must-Dos

Running a business is no easy task, but if you lay out your marketing foundation, you can be sure to save yourself a lot of time and hassle. Check out the webinar recording of the Top 10 Marketing Must-Dos, which gives an in-depth look at each item on our list, as well as tips, advice, and suggestions to implement these must-dos.

FAQ: How do the recent Google updates affect my local listings?

The recent "Pigeon" update has certainly had an impact on local search results! If you weren't paying attention to your organic ranking, you may have seen a drop. This "Pigeon" update blog post will teach you how to pick yourself back up and learn to fly around the clouds.


September 2014 Newsletter

Buster Tate on the Business of Running a Business

Buster Tate, COO at Foster Web Marketing, knows a great deal about the business of running a business. He will be our keynote speaker at the Foster Web Marketing Boot Camp on Sunday, October 26, 2014. Register here and you’ll have the opportunity to hear Buster speak, work one-on-one with him (check out his bio!), and get advice on how to expand your entrepreneurial skills. The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Achieving More with Less by Richard Koch is available for sale on

Tim Cuddigan's Secrets to Measuring Marketing

Tim Cuddigan has blown us away with his diligence in tracking leads, and is more than qualified to speak about measuring your marketing. Check out this article to see just how he does it, and learn how to focus your marketing efforts on what is really working, and stop wasting your time on what isn’t!

How to use Vanity URLs the RIGHT Way

Vanity URLs are an excellent way to drive users to your site (you even used one to get here!). Acquiring and tracking them are where it gets tricky. It isn’t difficult, but you need to know the right way to do it. This article explains everything you need to know about tracking your Vanity URLs, and what to use them for!

Foster Web Marketing shoots on-site video tours of your office, which you can use on your website, YouTube, and Social Media. Google My Business, however, only permits virtual tours by photographers they have certified. Click here to find a list of Google My Business photographers.


August 2014 Newsletter

Buster Tate on the Business of Running a Business

The Chief Operating Officer and Business Mastermind of Foster Web Marketing, Buster Tate, will the keynote speaker for the 2014 Foster Web Marketing Boot Camp. The intensive, one-day marketing boot camp is designed to help you maximize your return on investment, attract more qualified prospects, and give you the skills to turn your website into the effective marketing platform it should be. Register today before we sell out!

How to Better Protect Your Data

Leaving yourself or your clients open to a viral attack could have severe consequences. Please heed our warning! This article will tell you exactly why you need to protect your devices and how to do it.

How You Can Get on Radio Like Scott Grossman

Scott Grossman was featured in our August 2014 Newsletter for his excellent job at taking a media connection and turning it into an opportunity to establish himself as an expert on a popular talk radio show. Much like Scott, our friends and clients at the Davis Law Group know a few things about getting in the news! Follow these 5 steps to get the attention of the media, and the priceless exposure that comes with it.