DSS offers online forms that allow your potential clients to request books and reports, sign up for newsletters, or contact your agency directly. Using specific online fields that potential clients can fill out, these forms replace tedious paper forms, make it easy for potential clients to connect with you, and allow you to gain valuable information about people who may need your services.

Recently, Foster Web Marketing has updated its form feature to include a conditional formatting feature. In the past, when a potential client filled out a form for a typical book offer, for example, DSS collected the contact information, sent an email to the address associated with the form, and sent an email containing the download link to the person requesting the book. Every form was handled the same way.

Now, DSS offers forms with conditional formatting—a powerful feature that offers options for how you handle communication between a potential client and people within your own company based on how the form fields are filled out. There are many ways you can use this new feature, including:

  • You have multiple offices, and you want leads to go to a specific employee at a specific location based on a field designated on the contact form. The rule can be based on a specific city, state, or radio button corresponding to the potential client’s preferred location.
  • You have certain practice or service areas that are handled by specific employees at your firm. Based on the area chosen by the potential client, leads can be emailed to the appropriate employee.
  • You want to send a specific email campaign to a potential client based on the service area he selected.
  • You want to send hard copies of your book to potential clients who live in-state and soft copies to those who live out of state.

How to Use the Form Logic Feature

To use the form logic feature, you first need to set up the specific tag and campaign for each option you want to offer. For more information on how to do this, watch our video on using our customer relationship management (CRM) tool

1. After you’ve set up your tag and campaign, under Campaigns & Emails, click Search & Edit Forms, as shown in the example below:

DSS Form Logic Feature Search & Edit Forms Screenshot

2. From the list of CRM forms that displays, click the form name you want to associate with the campaign.

3. Once you’ve chosen the form, add the form fields you want to use. You can add rules to the following Input Groups:

  • State
  • Country
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio Buttons
  • Select Dropdowns

Here is an example of the Checkbox option dialog box:

Form field rules for checkboxes

4. To see a preview of the form a potential client will see, scroll down and view the screen under “Preview.” Here is an example of the type of form that displays:

DSS Form Logic Feature Form Preview

Keep in mind, if you don’t set the fields to “Required,” a potential client may not fill them out and won’t be in your chosen campaigns.

5. Once you choose the desired form fields, click the orange Set Rules button.

Set Rules button

After you set the rules, the applied rules turn blue, as shown in the following example:

Rules alert

6. Additionally, when you click Set Rules, the Custom Form Action Rule dialog box displays. The first option in your form field is the default. Click inside the “Assign Tags” field, and a dropdown menu displays that lists your tags. Set the tag for each option. 

Adding tags

7. Add the email or multiple emails for the internal person who should be notified of the contact.

NOTE: It’s important to remember that this will override your normal contact form notifications.

8. Once you assign a tag, click “Save Rule,” and the tag displays in the list below “Current Form Action Rules,” as shown in the following example:

Tag added

9. If at any time, you want to edit the applied rule or the email associated with it, click the pencil icon to the right of the rule.

10. Once you set up the rules for each option in that form field module, click the X in the assignment module. Rules are saved in the module when you click “Save Rule.”

11. When you are finished editing the form rules and form fields, click “Save” at the top right of the page.

12. Test your forms to ensure they have the desired look and presentation. 

As always, Foster Web Marketing is dedicated to your success. If you need any help, please contact us using the DSS Need Help button, emailing [email protected], or calling 888-886-0939. We will be happy to assist you!