The Locations section allows you to create content about your office or offices. Location pages are critical—this is what signals to search engines and citations the information they should display when someone in your area is searching for your business. We have a lot of information about the importance of your NAP information (short for Name, Address, Phone Number) in local search. You can also include other helpful information about the area around you, including driving directions or where your office suite is located within a building.

Go to Content, click on Locations. In the Search & Edit screen, you will see what locations are already on your site. 


If you click on Add New, this is where you can add another location. If you have multiple offices, this would be for you. When you click on Add New, you’ll notice the standard content fields in DSS are not right at the top. You’ll first need to fill out your Office Details.

After doing that, you’ll notice your standard content fields. It’s not required, but you should add a Title, Meta Description, and Headline. It is up to you how much other information you want to add. You can add a short description in the Summary section, or a more lengthy description in the Rich Content Editor. You can also add images or videos; this is a great opportunity to include a “virtual tour” of the office, or introduce your front desk staff so clients or patients feel comfortable when they visit your office for the first time.

The other option in the sidebar to the left is Assign to Site. This is where you select which location or locations show up on your site.