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One of the things that I’m constantly asked by other attorneys is what is the secret to my happiness. What my answer is time and again is, “Hire people who make your life easier and who are invested in your success.” That is why I work with Tom Foster and his team. I want to be free to do what I love doing: practicing law and helping people. Thanks to my website and the support and advice I’ve received from the entire FWM team I am able to do what I love and that is a huge key to my happiness.

- Jason Abraham, Hupy and Abraham



When the biggest case of my career began to get huge publicity due to the release of the movie “Captain Phillips” I was frankly unprepared. That’s when I called Tom. Not only did Tom and his team prepare me for the onslaught of media coverage, they also implemented key marketing campaigns on my behalf that brought in prospects that have turned into huge clients.

- Brian Beckcom, VB Attorneys


In essence, I owe Foster Web Marketing a debt of gratitude. They have helped me to make my marketing way more efficient, effective and leveraged through their DSS™ software. You owe it to yourself to learn some of the secrets that have made me so successful and to use their DSS system to transform your own business, practice, and life.

- David M. Frees III, Unruh, Turner, Burke & Frees



Thank you from my family, from my wife, from everybody. We owe you so much. You took us from the brink of bankruptcy to being a rock star and I don’t say that in jest. We are rocking it here and it comes from every opportunity you gave us through the website and the tools you gave us.

- Bill Turley, The Turley Law Firm


I can’t say enough about the success I’ve had by working with Foster Web Marketing and acting on breaking news. When Tom and his team first proposed leveraging breaking news to help me market my firm I was skeptical. I was wrong. This year alone I have paid for my entire web marketing plan and then some through the cases I’ve gotten from Foster Web Marketing’s Breaking News Blasts and it’s all thanks to the FWM team and the power of my DSS™ powered website.  

- Matthew White, Gray & White



The impact that my Foster Web Marketing website had on my firm was immediate. Within a month of it being live I received a case that was worth 100 times the amount that I had invested in my site directly from the web marketing outreach that I did under the guidance of Tom Foster and his team. I now speak with Tom monthly and the marketing ideas that I’ve gotten from those calls have me dominating the Sarasota region!

- Damian Mallard, Mallard Law Firm


The results from my Foster Web Marketing website are simply amazing. I receive at least one new patient a day from my website and the marketing that DSS™ allows me to do has made my entire practice more efficient and profitable. They are light years ahead of any other web marketing company.

-Dr. Peter Wishnie, Family Foot & Ankle Specialists




When I found out that Tom and Danielle were going to be right in my backyard in Houston I knew that I had to see them. Why? To wish them a wholehearted “thank you” in person. Before I started working with Foster Web Marketing in 2010 I was scrapping with every other podiatrist in my market. Now I am dominating and DSS™ is my marketing weapon of choice.

-Dr. Andrew Schneider


I’m signing up clients hand over fist and unlike the strategy I was using with my past provider, I’m not spending a dime on pay-per-click advertising. Before, I was told that in order to succeed online I had to participate in online advertising. Tom and his team quickly debunked that myth. Thanks to my website and the tools found in DSS™ I am now dominating the web without having to give Google or Bing a dime.

-Dr. Edward Kole, Kole Plastic Surgery Center



I was so taken with my experience with the Foster Web Marketing team that when my brother, Dr. Edward Kole, was looking for a new website I told him that he needed to go with Tom and his team. The only downside? Now Ed and I have rekindled our sibling rivalry about who is a better marketer!

-Dr. Craig Thomajan, Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists


Foster Web Marketing has made all the difference in increasing our online traffic, which translates to more patients and more revenue! They have been very helpful in taking our practice from busy to booming!

-Dr. Marybeth Crane, Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas



I’ve worked with and spoken alongside Tom for years, and there are very few people who I have ever met that know more about the Web than Tom and his team. I have staked my reputation time and again on the success of his websites and marketing practices when speaking to doctors around the country. I’m going to tell you what I have told them: the roadmap that Tom and his team provides will, if you follow it, lead you straight to success.

-Rem Jackson, Top Practices


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