Upload Contacts to DSS

To upload contacts to DSS, you can select import contacts from local file, or Create New Contact. Under Create new contact you’ll see a button to import contacts—selecting either of these options from the navigation will ultimately get you to the same place.


If you’re going to import a list, you need to map the fields appropriately. This can be done by downloading the sample spreadsheet, and your information in the corresponding columns.

You’ll also notice a few options for mapping unique fields. If you download a list from DSS and want to re-import that list with updated information, this is where you would use those options. You can sort by tag even in the spreadsheet you’ve downloaded, and add or remove tags on the individual contacts. 

Once you’ve organized your contacts in the spreadsheet, be sure to save it as an xls file. You’ll then go back to DSS, confirm that any emails you’re uploading have opted in to receive marketing communications, and upload your file. 

From here, you’ll verify that the columns you’ve mapped in your spreadsheet correspond to the fields in the CRM; so if your imported column says Email, your CRM default should also say email. If you see any inconsistencies, this is where you can correct them. Once you’ve confirmed that everything looks right, you can assign a tag to the list you are importing, and then finally click the import button to complete the process! Once you’re done, your newly imported contacts will be listed with your existing contacts.