Expand Your Growth or Blaze a New Trail. The Choice Is Yours!

Sometimes, your marketing needs a little extra boost. You don’t want to stop what you’re doing or refocus everything on your new campaign, but you do want to go big and bring in those extra “niche” clients you’re looking for.

You Want This, Right?

Website Traffic Growth

With a Practice Expansion Campaign from FWM, you don’t have to give up your growth as a business just because you don’t have the time and energy to do it all.

Maybe you just added a new service or area of practice. Maybe you want to get ahead of your competitors in an area that is trending in your industry. Maybe you’ve been playing with the idea of becoming a “niche” practice, but you’re not ready to take the plunge without a little testing first.

Do you want to get on track and accelerate your law firm’s expansion in one specific area? We have what you need, all in one package.

A Made-to-Order, Niche-Focused Campaign to Explode Your Practice

When you purchase a Practice Expansion Campaign, we create everything for you, so it’s “plug and play” right out of the box. You get a book written for you, a landing page, and a whole machine of content and emails to promote your campaign effectively—and you get to sit back and decide what to do with the growth! That kind of all-in-one, powerhouse package is already pretty rare in marketing.

The FWM difference is that, when you purchase a campaign, we also meet with you for coaching, training, and strategy calls so that you can sustain the momentum we get rolling for you and apply it at every level of marketing your business.







Perfect Client Exercise

Call with Tom Foster to “lock-in” on your most valuable clients & cases.

New or Rewritten Practice Area Page

The results of the perfect client exercise will be used to develop a hyper-focused practice area page.

Content & Marketing Strategy Calls

Meet with one of our digital marketing strategists and your writer to discuss how to dominate your target practice area in your local area.





“FREE” Online Offer Package

Become an author the easy way. We’ll write, edit, and design a cover for your new practice area-focused online book or whitepaper.

10-Page Book

10-Page Book

5-Page Whitepaper

5-Page Whitepaper

Online Offer Conversion Package

Promote your book or whitepaper with a landing page, thank you page, thank you email, and an email campaign to re-engage and increase referrals.

12-Email Campaign



5-Email Campaign

4-Email Campaign

Library Articles (600-900 words)

In-depth content pieces to provide evergreen content focused on the most important legal topics related to your area of practice.





Blog Posts (400-600 words)

Content written with more personality that can cover almost any related topic in your target practice area.





FAQs (300-400 words)

Provide your potential clients with well-thought-out answers to the most frequently asked questions about your target practice area.





Case Results (600-900 words)

Highlight your experience with case results written in story format to show the problems your clients faced and how you solved them. (Includes an interview with your writer).





Practice Area Target
Examples: Car Accidents, Bicycle Accidents,  Immigration, Bad Faith, Estate Planning, Criminal Defense, Family Law, DUI





Campaign Duration

8 Months

6 Months

4 Months

4 Months






Special Pricing





Monthly Price






Purchase Universal Campaign

Purchase Galactic Campaign

Purchase Solar Campaign

Purchase Worldwide Campaign

This is an awesome opportunity to team up with our experts to create a fully functioning, focused campaign with lasting power to attract, convert, and retain your perfect clients. And—once you’ve seen it in action for one practice area—we think you’ll understand every part of your website and digital strategy better.

You might be new to marketing and need to see a holistic, done-for-you campaign before you do it yourself, or you might be a seasoned DIYer with another goal for your business that will take a laser focus to do right. Either way, this is a powerful campaign that will rocket your practice to new growth in the area you choose.

Questions about our Practice Expansion Campaigns or the other marketing services we offer? Call our team at 888.886.0939.