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In the previous episode, Tom interviewed GLM and attorney mastermind, Ben Glass, to discuss expanding your practice, why you should, and how you can. A lot of you might have considered doing this already, and even more of you might need to consider doing this as well. Ben and Tom can help you do this the right way.



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People don't work with companies; they work with people. That is why we have a serious vetting process. Experience isn't our number one priority; personality, drive, and a passion for being a positive influence on the world are the qualities we demand in all our employees. We know how to teach this stuff, so we focus on finding the right people, and not just the right previous employer. The greatest part about working with Foster Web Marketing is working with some of the most fun, interesting and passionate people you will ever encounter-because don't you want to surround yourself with people who you actually enjoy talking to?

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