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Did the Mean Marketing Firm Hurt You?

Start Punching Back Today. 

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So You Want a Shiny New Website to Go Along With Your Amazing Practice and Maybe a Smidge of Help With Your Digital Marketing?

Easy Enough, Right? 

Then you hear one thing from the sales rep and something completely different from the project manager. Then, after a few months of not listening to your requests or explaining why or what they do, the firm proceeds to hide basic services behind a paywall, hand you off to some other guy you've never met, or, the absolute worst, they stuff you down a ticketing system rabbit hole. The misinformation and conflicting advice would make anyone want to throw in the towel—but I have one question.


Did You Hear a Bell?


Because we didn't. Digital Marketing is a sweet science in its own way.
What's not so sweet is how some firms would prefer just to tell you, 

"Keep the gloves up and play it safe for 12 rounds." 

Here at Foster Web Marketing, we go for KO. 

They Aren't in Your Corner.
We are. We believe in our Team. We believe in our Technology.
Most Importantly, We Believe in You.


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Stop Just Surviving

Your future self will thank you.

We've Heard All the Horror Stories

Some Digital Marketing firms have this funny (not "haha" funny, but funny) way of being great until they aren't. Some put an emphasis on the bells and whistles of a site in a half-hearted attempt to sell you widgets. And other firms might try to get you in the door with a super cheap build price. But when you begin to ask questions, you find out that your current firm's strategy consists primarily of selling you PPC Ads in a hollow attempt to cover their production costs with margins they stand to gain.

We Won't Do That Here. Ever. We Are All About Organic Traffic.

We Also Prefer to Teach Rather Than Obscure. If you asked any of the following questions and were met with crickets, raise your hand. Or better yet, raise your hand with the phone in it to your face and call us.

New FWM Clients' Greatest Hits Include

"What is Google My Business?"

"What is KPI?"

"What is SEO?"

"What is SEM?"

"How do I take up the whole first page of Google?"

"Why do I need to email people?"

"Isn't word of mouth enough?"

"Why should I update my site?"

"Does website speed matter?"

Don't Worry; You'll Get Answers to All Those Questions and More.

What You'll Get From Us

Foster Web Marketing offers three ways to reach the kind of success YOU want to see. We work with practices in one of three ways:

What We Can Say About Our Clients

Hupy and Abraham

Our client, Hupy and Abraham, knows the value of a well-designed website. By upgrading their website routinely, Michael Hupy and Jason Abraham have been able to maintain their status as one of the best-rated firms in the nation. The newest site design has led to drastic improvements in engagement:

1,609% More Leads
76% Higher Conversion Rate

Keller & Keller

Keller & Keller update their website routinely in order to provide the best possible user experience. By keeping the branding and imagery consistent, the website can evolve while maintaining ease-of use. The improved user interface has an excellent impact on overall website performance:

138% More Leads
104% Higher Conversion Rate

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build my site on WordPress?

We don’t build WordPress sites. We believe effective marketing is about more than a pretty website, and we believe marketing works best when managed from one platform—not duct taped together. Foster Web Marketing websites are built on our powerful automation platform, DSS.

What makes Foster Web Marketing and DSS different?

Most marketing companies focus on traffic. We focus on your overall business health and generating better cases and clients for your practice. Traffic is important, but your bottom line is more important! Check out our Attract, Convert & Retain Marketing Methodology to learn more about what makes Foster Web Marketing different.

DSS has been designed for over 20 years by, and for, attorneys. Our all-in-one marketing automation software handles your content, SEO, email marketing, reputation management, lead tracking and reporting, local listings, customer relationship management, social media management, and more. When using DSS, your content provides the optimal user experience and search engine optimization (SEO) without any additional coding or effort on your part. Want to see what DSS can do for you? Request a demo here, or fill out the form below.

How does pricing work?

All of our websites are custom built to meet your needs, so your participation in the process is crucial. The web design is a one-time cost, and we will work with you to design a website that delivers results, shows your practice at its best, and stays within your budget. Your marketing services, software, tools, and any additional ongoing efforts will involve a monthly fee. Again, we work with you to identify your needs and create a plan for success that fits your budget.