It’s 2022, and video content is the new blogging.

It’s a bold claim, and we also agree that written content and images will still be the backbone of most websites. But, in a world where streaming video is available at all times, you can’t afford to ignore the power of a solid video strategy. Video is engaging. It shows your personality, and it helps your clients understand your expertise. Video content also gets shared more often, increases conversion on landing pages, and gets displayed on Google alongside other search results. 

But, before you panic about needing to purchase air time during the Super Bowl, let’s dive into what it takes to build and implement a solid video strategy. We’re here to answer your questions, as well as show you how to make those answers work in DSS!

Some of the questions we look forward to answering will be:


  • What’s up with video indexing and search results?
  • Short videos are all the rage, but how long is too long?
  • How should I capture the trends of the moment?