As an immigration attorney there is almost no limit to the number of issues you could write a book about. There are so many concerns for immigrants today – green cards, EB-5 investment immigration, H1 Temporary Work visas and so many more. Your best move is to decide which types of immigration cases you want more of, and elaborate on those issues in a book, report or white paper.  You can make this book available on your website for download by potential clients. Write one for each type of immigration case you want to get from your website.

Keep in mind that when writing a book it’s most important to write for your ideal client. Writing for your ideal client will help attract more of the cases you want. Base your book on the subject that would most interest this person, and provide specific examples from cases you’ve handled and other immigrants you’ve worked with.  Nothing puts a potential client at ease than by having them identify with a case you’ve handled or client you’ve helped in the past.

You can also warning potential clients against making common mistakes that can harm their immigration case. As you know, there are many things that your clients can do to jeopardize their cases. Dedicate a book to these mistakes and how to avoid them. Again, begin with mistakes that your ideal client might make – and make sure you include mistakes that immigrants make without even considering the consequences.

No matter what you decide to write about, make sure that the book is well written, interesting and easy to read—no legalese allowed. You want to write in a natural, easy to read style. Also consider writing books in the native language of your target audience.  We have clients who offer books not only in English but also in Chinese, Korean, Spanish and other languages that show recent immigrants and their families that you really care about helping them.

If the idea of writing one or more books or reports about your immigration practice is daunting, please give us a call.  We have ghostwriters skilled at creating compelling, unique offers for websites like yours.