Webinar: How to Build a Sustainable Review Strategy

Reviews can make or break your business’s reputation, and creating an ethical and sustainable review strategy is the fourth of our 10 Marketing Commandments. In fact, a recent survey shows that 88 percent of consumers read online reviews, and 85 percent of those read ten or more reviews before making a decision. That means nearly every single person who has called your office has probably read your reviews!

In this webinar we discussed:

  • The RULES for reviews: if you don’t follow them, you WILL get burned!
  • Ways to create a sustainable and ethical review strategy for your business.
  • Tips on finding the right clients to leave reviews on the right sites.
  • Techniques to improve your reviews and your rankings on Google.
  • Guidelines on how to get the reviews that MATTER.

Check out the recording and follow along with the slides here. Your reviews can REALLY help you stand out from the competition; whether you stand out in a good way or a bad way relies on your review strategy!