Inundated With Cases That Don’t Meet Your Perfect-Client Profile? Kenny Berger Explains That Referring Them to Other Attorneys Can Be an Excellent Strategy

Kenny Berger talks about the importance of building strong relationships so that he can earn client referrals. He also discusses the importance of long-tail searches for attracting clients, the value in focusing his energy on his perfect clients, and how referring smaller cases to other attorneys can easily pay for itself.

“We do so much when it comes to internet marketing, but it doesn’t stop there. Once these people choose to contact us, it’s like how do we continue to build on that trust, how do we continue to strengthen the relationship so that when a friend of their family has a concrete truck turn out in front of them and put them in the hospital where they are barely breathing, that they go and they say, hey this is the guy that you need to call. Let me tell you what he did for me.

And our best cases, just to emphasize that point, our best cases tend to always come from those long-tail searches. We get a lot of contact…in fact, just before we sat down to shoot this video, I got a note (an email) from my paralegal saying that there were a series of cases that we referred out. You know, cases smaller cases that were generated—we refer those out with the understanding  that when those lawyers get more significant cases with more costs involved and more complexity, that they will associate us. But those cases, the small ones, pay for themselves times over simply from the referral fees that we get from those lawyers. Which frees us up, in turn, to work on the larger cases. It’s like the difference between you can’t do—you know I think of medical models a lot because my dad has podiatrist in front of his name. But we can’t do a knee surgery if we're also having to answer the phone and talk to everyone else about common colds. I think there’s a place for everyone in the market—the same way there’s a place for a general practitioner, a place for a surgeon. But as I tell referring lawyers, look we can’t turn your $100,000 case into a quarter-million dollar case or your half-million dollar case into a seven-figure case if we are spending time trying to turn your $10,000 case into a $15,000 case.”