Breaking News Can Help the Little Guy Beat the Competition

You may be the little guy in your market, but David, you can take out Goliath. We know because we've seen it done.

One of the best examples we’ve encountered is our very own defective product attorney clients. When the news broke that a certain product was dangerous, the Goliaths in this client’s niche spent loads of money on TV ads. While the ads were slick, the firms who paid for them did not think about the big picture.  What do people do when they see something intriguing on TV?  They go online to look for more information!  In this case, when people went online to do searches about this defective product – they want to see what was being said about it.

And whose website did they find?  Our client.  This is because he took advantage of our breaking news campaign to quickly to create videos, several pages of written content in the form of blogs, FAQs and news posts, and a great landing page all talking about this hot defective product.

  • His videos were on his website, and were also pushed to his social media accounts and YouTube, enabling them to reach a large, highly targeted market. 
  • His blogs, FAQ's and informative articles about the product showed that he was an authority on the subject. More importantly, he answered the immediate questions on peoples' minds.
  • And, by having a killer website full of useful information portraying him as an authority on this subject, he was able to pull in potential clients instead of sending them away to search engines yet again.

In this story our David took out Goliath getting several cases and capitalizing on the giant’s mistakes.

Are you ready to spring when breaking news hits? Ready to beat your own Goliath? If so, that is where we come in with our breaking news program. We can help you leap into action and take over a hot case in your local market with a surprisingly affordable budget. All that you have to do is call us at 888.886.0939 or contact us!