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Isabelle De Leon is the Project Manager at Foster Web Marketing, a marketing firm with a unique approach that enhances brand individuality and improves overall business success. She is also a longtime drummer with a strong passion for music, and she’s had the opportunity to work alongside a variety of artists and bands. Isabelle earned a bachelor's degree in jazz studies from the University of Maryland.



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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Isabelle De Leon discusses how she transitioned between two industries and her unique career journey
  • The lingering effects of the pandemic on the art and tech industries
  • Isabelle shares what allows her to juggle two different careers
  • How to develop a reliable work ethic
  • Isabelle’s most memorable performances and tours as a drummer
  • The importance of enhancing your business relations to improve employee loyalty

In this episode…

Entrepreneurs and marketing professionals will agree that opportunities do not simply happen to those who wait; instead, opportunities must be created. And in business, that kind of mindset will lead you to success.

In a dynamic and cutthroat market, opportunities mean everything. Entrepreneurs must always be ready to face stiff competition and rising innovation to reach success. However, it’s easy to falter along the way and lose your sense of direction. How can you prepare yourself for the career of your dreams without losing your motivation?

In this episode of The World of Marketing Podcast, Tom Foster Jr. welcomes Isabelle De Leon, Project Manager at Foster Web Marketing. They discuss Isabelle’s unique career path in multiple industries, the aftermath of the pandemic on businesses, creating an inviting business atmosphere to improve employee retention, and staying motivated with a solid work ethic. Isabelle also shares what methods and experiences helped her transition between industries and her favorite memories from tours.

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