Create A Calendar to Post Relevant Content on Your Attorney Website

Develop a content calendar. You don't have to do it everyday Sit down on a weekend, write it all out, theme it all out. In most programs, certainly in DSS, you can schedule it.

One of our clients, Andrew Schneider, who is also one of Rem Jackson's top performers, is a podiatrist in Houston, Texas (a very competitive area, for everything). One day, he began adding content out the wazoo to his website. One guy, one doctor, and he now has 17,000 visits a month and 5 new patients a day.

He went on a two week vacation for the first time in his life. He was able to do this because he set up the content and it automatically posted every day, as if he was there. So don't think just because you're exhausted, been doing depositions all day that you can't do it. Do it on a Sunday morning! When is your most creative time? It's not that hard!