When your ideal client finds your website, they want easy access to your best content and answers to the questions that keep them up at night. Although you may have filled your website with plenty of helpful legal guidance, if it is not easy to find, your potential clients will leave.

Do you know how often people leave your website without contacting you? More importantly, do you know why they’re leaving?

Chances are, you don’t have the time to analyze how people arrived at your site, what caused them to leave before contacting you, or determine how easy or difficult it is for them to navigate your website. That’s where a team of trained usability experts can help.
As part of a usability audit, your website will be evaluated on a number of critical areas. Some of these include:

•How to find information on your website

•The readability of your content

•The use of “best practices” for your website design

•Are visitors frustrated after using your site

•And, most importantly, can visitors easily contact you.

If your website is weak in any of these areas, you may be scaring people away from your business without realizing it. A website usability audit points out weaknesses that might make your perfect client slip away because of a poorly designed site.

When you work with someone outside of your law firm to audit the user friendliness of your website, you get a fresh point-of-view. This evaluation can uncover new ways to make your website easier to use, and less frustrating or overwhelming for your visitors.  As a result, your phone will start ringing with the perfect clients that you might have missed if you let your website remain stagnant.