You've Been Writing New Content, But Is Your Old Content Killing Your Site?

You've heard time and again that "Content is King" from those of us here at FWM and from the mouths of search engine executives everywhere. But did you know that some of your content may actually be holding you back?

Old, outdated or under performing pages can act like quicksand, slowly pulling your website down and suffocating your business. Worried? Don't be! During the April 2014 DSS Users' Group Zach Stone, Laura Johnson and Danielle Ruderman showed attendees how to use the power of DSS, Google Analytics and Excel to either rewrite poor content or get rid of it, and how to know which option is best for each page!

This is one Users' Group that we knew that you would want to watch over and over again so we have the entire recording available for you to play above. The entire FWM team enjoyed this presentation and the attendees said that it was one of the best yet. What are you waiting for? Grab a pencil and paper, click play!