Gretchen Upright has been a project manager at Foster Web Marketing since 2007. Her technical experience with Fannie Mae has allowed her to learn DSS and makes her to the perfect person to simplify and solve the complexities of search engine optimization.

Gretchen graduated from James Madison University with a BBA with an emphasis in finance. Her degree put her in the perfect position for a career at Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae is the second largest issuer of debt next to the US Treasury. She enrolled in the Business Service Trainee Program. In that program, her technical skills with training in mainframe JCL, UNIX and Sybase were vastly expanded.

Gretchen’s communication skills are second to none thanks to her position in Fannie Mae’s Market Room. Through that position, she learned to associate with business groups, both technical and non-technical. Her position gave her ample experience in the Treasurer’s and Accounting Offices.