Four Crucial Rules to Follow for Writing News Content

Writing news items for your attorney website is a fantastic way to hit on current events that matter to your client base. However, use news with caution, as breaking the rules of news writing for website can tank your search engine optimization efforts and hurt conversion rates.
First and foremost, Only Post Fresh News. If you wait too long to write about an event, you will not reap the benefits. News turns stale in mere days, so you must act quickly. Take the time to stay on top of current events relevant to your practice, and post news items as soon as the news breaks.

The next rule to remember is Knowing Your Source. Watch out for press releases that read like news — they're tricky. These sly foxes start out discussing a news topic, but end with a call to action for a competing attorney! As a general rule, only link to news authorities that you recognize.

The next thing to be mindful of is Filler News, or news that just doesn’t apply to your practice. Unless you are a divorce attorney, posting articles about the Kardashians won't help you get new clients. Tricking people into visiting your site by writing about pop culture will never help improve your conversion rates, and it can drain your SEO power.

And finally, Don't Steal Content. Ever. Copying content from a news article is not only unethical and shady, it can undo all of your SEO efforts. ALWAYS link to the original piece, and give credit where credit is due. Period.

Getting news just right is important. To learn more tips on effective attorney website maintenance, call the experts at Foster Web Marketing today by dialing 888-886-0939.


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