Gretchen UprightGretchen Upright has been the Senior Project Manager, and later the COO, at Foster Web Marketing. Her outstanding technical skills allowed her to develop an impressive career in finance and marketing, excelling at leadership and operation positions. Gretchen is now happily retiring to start a new chapter in her life and pursue other interests.



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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Gretchen Upright discusses the challenges of communication with clients
  • The importance of being given latitude to make decisions
  • Gretchen’s impact and legacy at Foster Web Marketing
  • The power of Dynamic Self-Syndication (DDS)
  • Gretchen and Tom reminisce about projects they’ve worked on

In this episode…

Nothing can compare to the experience and skills gained through time and dedication. However, developing certain abilities during our careers can make a great impact on industries, technologies, businesses, and even people.

A 15-year-long partnership comes with business achievements and milestones that are hard to summarize. As Tom and Gretchen recall the amazing progress they have made over the years, they also share some valuable strategies and tools for building trust within a team and recognizing talent. 

In this episode of The World of Marketing, Tom Foster is joined by Gretchen Upright, COO at Foster Web Marketing. They discuss the challenges of establishing clear communication with clients, how creating a trusting environment can translate to better decision-making, working with people’s strengths and talents, the benefits of using DDS for your business, and the lasting impact of Gretchen’s work.

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