During a recent video shoot at FWM HQ. We did not drug him, hold him hostage, or torture him in any way before he shot this video.

We did all that later!

Chris is a partner of Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum (https://www.kirshenbaumri.com/). A great firm with a strong legacy and brand in Rhode Island.

Video Transcription:

Why Did You Choose Foster Web Marketing?

I came to Foster Web Marketing because I was with another company that I was completely dissatisfied with the performance of the website, but more importantly was the response I got. What I mean by that is the opposite approach I get from Foster Web Marketing. For me, it is all about the people. Tom Foster, the founder of this company, will pick up the phone and talk to you.

I have monthly calls where I have one-on-one attention. They are not only worried about the website—which the website designs are awesome and they perform well—but what I love about Foster Web Marketing is the marketing aspect. They constantly talk to you about the bigger picture. It’s not just the website that is going to get you clients; it does help, but they talk to you about how to nurture your client base and how to continue marketing you—not just the website.

Are You Getting New Leads From the Website?

We are constantly working month to month with Foster Web Marketing on how to generate leads (new calls) into our office. I am happy to say that we have had an increase. To be honest, we still have ebbs and flows, but the flows are better than we ever had before.

How Does Video Help You Connect?

I think that video adds to our website and our presence in that it gets you to see me and what I’m like because a static website doesn’t really do that. I think like anything (as I said a few minutes ago), for me, the relationship with Foster Web Marketing is more about the people. That’s what I love about video—that it gives someone who has never met me before an opportunity to say, “Hey, maybe that is somebody I want to talk to.” Because I have testimonials on my website and clients really do say, “I’m easy to talk to. I’m relaxing to them. And when they are all nerved up, I calm them down.” And hopefully that comes across a little bit in the videos.