Kevin MottleyKevin Mottley is a lawyer and owner of The Mottley Law Firm which is comprised of legal professionals specializing in brain and personal injury litigations. Kevin’s true passion lies in representing traumatic brain injury(TBI) survivors, as it requires diligence, a special approach, and an understanding of current advances in the medical field.



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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Kevin Mottley shares methods to build credibility
  • Why is choosing a business focus crucial for success?
  • Kevin discusses the benefits of niches in underrepresented business sectors
  • What are the challenges of establishing a business niche? 
  • Kevin’s insights on building valuable client connections

In this episode…

When people have a specific health problem, they typically go to a specialist and not just any general practitioner. However, in such a generalized market, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the right service or product that best suits our needs. 

That is why business niches are so important. Serving a specific niche caters to people who know what they are looking for and who value quality above all. Setting a focus for your business is crucial for establishing successful competitive strategies that set you and your business apart by displaying professional credibility and responsibility.

In this episode of The World of Marketing, Tom Foster Jr. welcomes Kevin Mottley, lawyer and owner of The Mottley Law Firm. They discuss Kevin’s career evolution in the legal industry, what to expect when starting a niche business, why establishing a business focus is an important first step, and how to stand out from other professionals. Kevin shares valuable tips on building proper business credibility and lasting client connections.

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