The fact that you are here shows us that you understand the importance of having video on your website. Videos allow your target audience to get to know you. Ultimately, web videos build trust, engage potential clients, increase conversion rates, and give your website a significant SEO advantage. However, in order to get potential clients to view your videos, they need to be optimized—starting with the title.

To have your website video watched by your target audience, you only have a few seconds to entice web traffic to click on your video. This is why your video title needs to be appealing. A good video title will attract people to watch your video, but a bad title will ultimately turn people away.

When creating a video title, make sure it sounds good and is relevant to the topic of the video so that viewers understand what the video is about.  Additionally, it is best to keep the title short, in order for it to show up in search engine results. While you should keep it simple, a title should also grab the attention of the audience and draw visitors into your site.