Strategic Planning: The Business of Running a Business

Buster Tate, Chief Operating Officer at Foster Web Marketing, joined us for the webinar: The Business of Running a Business.

Ever have those days when you're so busy that nothing gets done? Many business owners are already so wrapped up in their day-to-day responsibilities that they think they just don’t have time for a business plan. A business plan is a critical element of operating successfully! Buster’s incredibly impressive résumé—including 32 years with the Department of Defense and developing business models that are now part of the military doctrine used by civilian expeditionary teams—get us listening when he talks about business!

Watch the recording here and follow along with the slides to learn Buster’s strategic planning skills, including:

  • A strategy to analyze your current business plan to identify strengths and weaknesses,
  • A plan to define success for each area of your business and create goals based on this information,
  • How to bridge the gaps that are preventing you from becoming successful,
  • And how to implement the 80/20 concept to your business plan in order to save time and money and increase ROI.

"What a great webinar! Thank you so very much! May I get a copy of this to send to my partners to listen to? Really great stuff, and I think you should take Buster up on his offer to do additional webinars where he may be able to scratch below the surface a little. You guys really practice what you preach at the GLM seminars—educate, educate, educate!!!"

—Kevin Healy, Morris James, LLP

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