Jessica Taveras

Jessica Taveras is the Digital Marketing Coach at Foster Web Marketing, a company that specializes in marketing strategies suitable for medical, legal, and service businesses. Jessica’s expertise in the marketing industry allowed her to develop key skills in advertising, SEO, customer relations, and management, which she utilizes when coaching clients on how to achieve marketing success. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Kean University in New Jersey.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Jessica Taveras discusses the importance of coaching for businesses
  • Why should you invest in a custom marketing strategy that conveys your company values?
  • Jessica shares the best ways to target your audience through advertising
  • Top software tools to enhance your marketing efficiency
  • How to leverage AI in social media marketing
  • Jessica’s mentors throughout her career

In this episode…

Marketing can seem like science to entrepreneurs who are unaware of the best ways to approach and use its knowledge. What is the best place to start building your company’s marketing strategy?

Before shooting blindly into the digital world, consider your business values and your target audience. Understanding what you want to convey to your clients plays a big role in building a marketing framework that works best for your practice. Another advantage for your strategy is having a marketing coach help you recognize the fundamental principles and then promote steady success built on shared knowledge. 

In this episode of the World of Marketing Podcast, Tom Foster Jr. welcomes Jessica Taveras, Digital Marketing Coach at Foster Web Marketing. They discuss the benefits of having a marketing coach for your business, how to successfully convey your company values in your marketing strategy, the best ways to optimize advertisement for your target audience, and the role of AI in social media. Jessica shares her top software tools that boost work efficiency and the career lessons she learned from her mentors.

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