Success With DSS™, Even for the Tech-Challenged

Attorney John Fisher is not ashamed to share with everyone that he is “not a tech guy,” and that is exactly why he loves our proprietary software, DSS™.

“I have absolutely no technology background at all,” he tells us. “I abhor technology! I don’t like it; I let other people to do it. The beauty of this [DSS] system is, within probably about five to ten minutes, I could learn this system, I could create web pages, I could add images to a web page, I could do anything that I wanted, and here I am totally clueless, and there are people looking to me. I give seminars about Internet marketing and people laugh at that! They say, ‘Here’s a guy who doesn’t know anything about technology giving seminars about websites,’ but that’s because of what Foster Web Marketing has taught me.”

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