Kenny Berger understands the importance of getting people to his website, but also ensuring that he gives real value in terms of answering potential clients’ questions and providing an excellent user experience.

"If  you are serious about generating cases off the internet, if you are serious about providing great content to the users out there—to not engage in just search optimization, but search engine user optimization, and to answer the question that people have and to be of service to your is not just the person who is using the search engine’s ability to find you. It's once they get to your site, are you giving them a great experience? Or are you saying, I am a car accident attorney from South Carolina who handles car wrecks across the state of SC. That is an awful experience. Or are you saying, hey you know if you want someone who is going to help restore your dignity and treat you with the respect that you and your case demand, we would love the opportunity to answer some of your questions."