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Infamous estate planning attorney Dan Ruttenberg, who is also Tom’s attorney, is a prime example of someone that has used unconventional marketing to great effect. In his years of experience, he has insisted on doing things his way, and it’s worked for him—big time. Dan has never relied on SEO or his website to bring him new clients. Instead, he’s an old school networker. He’s someone to look to if you want to see how long-term success can result from utilizing your passions in your marketing, and he’s someone that knows what it takes to establish an ever-developing community that draws in business. Watch this episode to find out how he does it and how you can, too. 


0:00 Introduction

3:03 Unconventional Marketing

5:55 Poker Players Who Care Charity

13:17 People Work With People They Like

18:10 Community Based Marketing

19:14 The Giver’s Gain Concept

24:13 Dan’s Automatic Review Program

26:41 “Ad Hoc Review”