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You may have heard Susan Berkley’s voice before—she’s the signature voice of AT&T and the branded telephone voice of Citibank. She’s joining us for this week’s episode of the World of Marketing to discuss the voice over industry and how she made it big. She’ll also tell you about the power of your voice and the 4 Vocal Influence Types. Tune in to this episode, and maybe you’ll learn yours.

In this episode we cover:

  • The 4 Vocal Influence Types

  • How to get into voice over work

  • Susan’s story and how she made it big

  • The craziest voice over gig Susan ever did

  • Susan’s biggest marketing mistake

0:00 Introduction

2:49 The 4 Vocal Influence Types

7:55 Getting into the voice over business

11:48 The craziest voice over gig Susan ever did

13:23 Financial viability of voice over

16:45 How to get started in voice over

18:29 Susan’s biggest marketing mistake

22:17 Masters of the spoken image


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