I am Susie, and I’m a digital marketing strategist here at Foster Web Marketing.

What Does FWM Do?

We strategize on helping the customer (the client) really achieve their goals. We specialize in achieving ranking in Google or search results, optimizing their website, making sure their social media — their brand — is really sticking out and they are telling a story about what their brand is and what their company does.

What Attracted You to FWM?

What attracted me to Foster Web is the colorful office. It tells a story about the energy we have here. I applied, and I had been self-studying digital marketing for the past year in my free time and knew it was something that I loved. I have owned companies in the past, and that’s really what I did for the companies. I partnered with my husband and also solely owned my own company, and that’s what I loved best about it—making the customer or prospect understand what you are about—telling a story and making them understand how you can solve their problem. That is really what your lead is looking for.

What Is the Future of Digital Marketing?

I see the future of digital marketing as video. Everyone wants instant gratification; they want instant messages. So I see video—the live video on social media—video branding and also Facebook message marketing as the future. Being able to instant message a company and get a reply right away—those live chats you are seeing on websites—that’s what customers, clients, and leads want. They want that instant gratification of being able to ask a company a question and get the answer right back (i.e., just like Google, how you can Google anything).

Why is FWM Different?

So at Foster Web Marketing, we are concerned about your overall business objective. We are not just looking to give you SEO services or Pay-Per-Click services. We are really interested in having a full conversation with you when we first meet you about what your business is doing and how you are different from your competitors. We want to know about you and your business in all aspects. We are not just looking at the marketing, but your marketing is your brand — it’s your voice — so that’s really going to help you on all different levels. 

Can You Tell Us About Yourself?

I went to Radford University and graduated from there with a bachelor’s degree in communications with a specialization in public relations. I went on to intern with the Washington Redskins for about four months over the summer right after I graduated. From there I went into event planning and worked for the American Lung Association of D.C., I did event planning and started my own event planning company for wedding proposals and planning events all around Northern Virginia. Then, I took a turn and went into Information Technology and was actually a cost estimator for defense systems for the government for a little while. After that I started my own company with my husband—a wood working company—where I was doing the branding for the company, the sales, and the marketing. I went on to do sales for a home care company, which all led me towards marketing. Then I stumbled upon Foster Web Marketing, and I wanted to take this next step and go into digital marketing, like I wanted to do over the past couple of years. So Foster hired me on, and I’ve been loving it ever since.

What Do You Do For Fun?

I am a mom of two, and they are pretty little, so I play a lot of hide-and-seek. I wear super capes and play superheroes. If I get some time off from the kids, I just like being outside. It’s a busy life as a mom of two little ones.

What Would Be Your Super Power?

I wish I could grant wishes—unlimited wishes. I’ love to be able to grant wishes for those who are suffering—to make their life better—but then I would also grant some wishes for me and my family as well.

What Is Your Dream Car?

As of right now, my dream car is a fully loaded Toyota 4Runner. I need the space with two kids, and I have a big chocolate lab, and he needs the space. I would love to put him in the back of the car and be able to go wherever, so that would be my dream car.